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Wouldn't "Big Noon Kickoff" imply that it's noon EST? That means it would be 11 am CST and not 11 am EST as mentioned above.
Not bad for an A&M squad picked to finish last in the SEC. Schloss has made a HUGE turnaround in year 1. What a great hire.
Most A&M fans definitely want the A&M/tu game back and back on Thanksgiving. I hate that it seems we'll lose the permanent cross division game against our most hated rivals USC though. Hopefully, we get to hang onto the Bonham Trophy
Talent has never been an issue at texas. It's a culture problem. Don't forget, Ewers was playing against the texas defense. See where they ranked last year.
Haven't you heard? Ewers is a lock for Heisman. He took 3 snaps at tOSU and he's a shoe-in.
There was never a problem... only a "problem"
I know the Bama/tu game is in Austin, but giving a bigger line on the Bama/A&M game seems crazy. Big XII teams don't play much defense.
I think #2 is more likely to be Antonio Johnson than Tyreek Chappell
Played a hell of a game yesterday. Sad someone had to lose.
That poor CF sitting with his back to the wall just said all there was to say about how that felt for the USCe team. What a great game. Well played, Gamecocks!
Because, while A&M was 17th, 4th, 6th, 8th and 1st in those years, Bama and UGA were 1st, 2nd or 3rd in pretty much all of those years. A&M's depth of talent isn't at that level yet. Y'all want Jimbo to be on the hot seat. Most A&M fans see the direction the program is going in. Lots to be said about stability.
My exact thoughts as I scanned this one. Lol
I wonder if it took any of the sting off that 16-4 L? All kidding aside, triple plays are always pretty impressive to see. Well done.
True, the problem with divisions is the same as now, you only play teams in the other division (besides your permanent cross division rival) like once every 8 years. The 4 team pods, assuming the SEC moves to a 9 game conference schedule (which I think it will have to), assures that you play every team at least once every 3 years. Make a lot more sense. The only issue really is deciding how you pick the top 2 for the SECCG.
I don't think the Big XII would shave a penny off the buyouts. I think they want to punish both schools. What would be better for them than the incoming G5 schools handing texas and OU a few losses during those seasons.
Seems like I read a similar article a year or so ago.
I would guess you'll see a heavy dose of the freshmen DL getting rotation time. Easy to do along the DL to keep them fresh. Probably hard to keep Evan Stewart out of the WR rotation as well.
2025 is the for sure year if OU can't come up with their exit fee before then. If that's the case, Manning will only have one year before he's draft eligible, so he'd likely be playing 2 seasons in the Big XII still.
NFL draft picks since 2012: A&M - 42 texas - 27 In the 10 recruiting classes from 2010 to 2019, Texas has averaged a class rank of 9. A&M has averaged a class rank of 14.3. Those are the classes in these draft numbers. Shows a pattern of failing to develop high level talent. In fact, they seem to make them move backwards in development somehow.
texas could well find Tate Martell 2.0 out the door.
It definitely could be for lack of development by a particular staff at a school I happen to not like.
No one says NIL has NOTHING to do with it. Only that it's not the ONLY reason A&M got the class. Jimbo is a consistent top 10 recruiter. Also, A&M directly benefitted from their main in-state rival going 5-7 as well as coaching changes at Oregon, Oklahoma, Miami, Florida and LSU. Lots of stars aligned.
If he wants to go 5-7 and undrafted. Also, last I heard Virginia had put themselves in the game, albeit, maybe an underdog.
I think A&M is putting themselves in a good position to host a regional, especially with texas dropping out of the rankings and TCU being pretty far back. If they keep playing like they have been, chances are pretty high.