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I find it hard to believe that 15 hours have passed and no one has asked how YOUR MOTHER knows about such a hole?? Do you REALIZE that your insensitive and completely UNRELATED comment makes YOU look even more ignorant??
eventually the players will deserve proceeds from TICKETS bought to see JUST THEM! Yes, have people DESIGNATE WHO they are there to see - screw the team! If the players are to be paid then it should be based on THE TEAM! Football is a TEAM GAME so all involved should be getting a share! Sure there are the SUPER STARS, but without a TEAM effort, those plays don't happen! The best solution would be for the nfl to just establish a farm system and field their own teams and let STUDENT Athletes enjoy the SCHOLARSHIPS!!
You failed to mention the INSURANCE that players can purchase. Many times the NCAA provides the funds and then the player either pays it back from their NFL contract or from Insurance proceeds should they suffer injuries that impact their ability to play! I know it's not as much as the multimillion contracts, but they're not left empty handed.
When will or WHO will the first player get his/her NIL cut off due to poor performance?? I expect it to happen pretty soon!!
Coach Spurrier's comment about "it's better to play GA early because you can count on them to have several players suspended" stands the test of time!
What about women's basketball? Men's Baseball?? WOmen's Gymnastics? Track and Field?? Debate Team? Intramural guys and gals and combos??
Roster management 2.0! I recall seeing that we are OVER the limit and needed a few less scholarship guys. The ones transferring are actually giving themselves a better chance to see the field so good luck to them and thanks for your efforts on and OFF the Field!
Roster Management in action! I'd love to see every Gamecock recruit have the opportunity to spend four years as valuable contributors and get plenty of playing time, but that's just not reality. I wish the young men well wherever they land!
A "mistake" is driving 40 in a 35 or 59 in a 55! Driving 105 is NOT A MISTAKE - he was LUCKY that he didn't kill someone else by his recklessness!
Just saw that Florida did their game on THURSDAY NIGHT so NEVER MIND about the suspension for the Practice game! If their Coach wants to have his players set examples then he should suspend Richardson for at least their first game!
Seriously?? Their COACH allowed him to play?? Now THAT sends a strong message to the others to obey laws and act RESPONSIBLY!! Hopefully he'll get thirty days in jail to be served on WEEKENDS beginning in September! At the very least his license should be suspended for a while!
As a GC fan, I resent them "GIVING" us a ZERO % chance - if we have a ZERO % Chance then bygum we'll EARN it!
Just to be FAIR and make a FAIR comparison, I watched a TWO HOUR video online of nothing but one person after another screeching their nails on assorted blackboards and STILL came to the conclusion that I'd rather listen to people screeching their nails on a blackboard than listen to Beth HOWLINS!! I'm sure she is a nice lady, but her voice rips through my ears like Bobcat Goldwaith shrieking "Unchained Melody"! BUT, I'd still rather listen to Bobcat!
Life's just not fair when EVERYONE ELSE can pay players! Now EVERYONE can have a MEGACHURCH "sponsor"!!
Now THAT would set the WORLD on FIRE!! The dabo would call for a Congressional investigation!! DO IT!!!
Nice that these top guys are giving some attention to my Gamecocks! Now if only five or ten of them will take a chance and make a REAL difference in a program!
So you'd be ok with razing Sanford Stadium and the bushes and erecting a shiny new one?? SOME people do experience "sad" when an old memory is replaced. I'd guess you would be apoplectic at the announced decision to replace Sanford!
Cool looking logo - I'm guessing Outback Steak House quit paying?? Like other SC fans, I'll always cherish our BACK to BACK Wins against The Ohio State Buckeyes!!
Just wait till one decides he needs to sit a few games or not block for a guy with a nil and he is without one! I think the whole issue will be detrimental to COLLEGE FB. The nfl needs to setup Minor Leagues if they want PAID PROFESSIONALS! People keep saying that the athletes are not paid - ask the millions of people with GIGANTIC College Loans - the ones that didn't get preferred classes, PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, incredible NUTRITION programs, FREE TRAVEL, and all the OTHER perks from playing a game they love and some preparing for FUTURE LUCRATIVE CAREERS!
I have posted from the beginning that the nfl just needs to form semi-pro leagues of have expanded "practice squads" and those who want to get paid can go and the rest of them can play for their scholarships and SCHOOL PRIDE! When that individual is named the cries of "bought and sold" will apply to him and his school. Then you'll have other players on strike because THEY aren't getting THEIR cuts! Nothing good will be coming from this as far as College Football and STUDENT Athletes. So much about Our Nation has been destroyed in the name of "progress" that this year might be the FIRST year that a MAN wins the NCAA WOMEN'S Swim Titles!! Some progress!
What I love most about these articles : What was the FINAL score? What did the Bama coach say? Does Oats know that six times three is only EIGHTEEN - where'd they get the other 36 points? What's Bama's standing for the "dance"?? Don't you just love a good mystery??
One of the reasons why I quit college bb! Traveling, palming, hand checks, over the back, illegal picks, you name it! It's devolved into street basketball. We played street ball - no refs - and only "flagrant" fouls were acknowledged - free throws were awarded for ONLY fouls that involved bloodshed! THAT was street, UNORGANIZED basketball. High School and COLLEGE is SUPPOSED to be different - it's not much and is not enjoyable to me anymore. Don't even ASK about the nba!
EVERYTHING is "hilarious" on this site! I'm guessing most of the writers don't get out much!
Maybe it IS time for Frank Martin's run to end! How could it be any worse?
Unless you were THERE, how would you KNOW if someone "exposed" himself on a RADIO interview?? For all we would know they could ALL be buck naked!!
WOW - my Gamecocks are almost a LOCK! We've got a 2/10ths of a PERCENT to win it!