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Agree..just as frivolous as the 60 plus cases that were thrown out by various courts regarding the 2020 election!!
Maga talking tiresome and reek of low IQ
They are busy trying to figure out which MAGA wingnut Trump endorsed..
..That's why every signed gets an island...10 acres of a citrus grove..shares of Gatorade..and a goat.
Just landed whittemore!!..beat out Clemson and Penn State among others.
2/3 of next year's class so far is from IMG Academy. Napier and company seem to work hard and enjoy the recruiting grind. Keep it up!!!
Does he fumble's a disease at 1/2 AZZ U
For the gators..a much improved o line is 50% of the fix...
Neil Sedaka needs to be named Czar of college football. His proven skills will sort this whole mess out...gain consensus...and make the sport thrive!!!
The new baseball stadium has facilities to shower for both teams. Apparently there was some reason that they walked over to the swamp
Has to be a reason they didn't shower at the ballpark...facilities are there
An Alabama fan talking academics...especially in regards to typical.... I can't resist this, look up US News & World Report to see that you're behind Auburn academically
Kevin o'sullivan..officially on the hot seat...60 million new stadium. .team getting worse each year. Style of play is home run or bust. Can't get decent pitching. He has gotten complacent. .and UF historically does not accept that
UCF just signed a 3 game series with U.F 1 in orlando..2 in Gainesville. Stay current with the news!!
Gator all the way!...Free medical school when done with football. is the plan Colin. Eat 3 whole pizzas a day (see Charles Barkley circa 1982)..have 8 biscuits a it all with a cement chaser!!!..then hit the weights!...Beast!
This is the 5,567th hire by cbn since he was hired...
I have no idea how good the gators may be this year...but remember this...Utah coming from a no humidity high elevation to a below sea level playing field with A gametime temp of 90 degrees...humidity off the charts..and 90k fans at full throat.
Neil Sedaka has agreed to fill in and play real music...playlist includes all 875 songs he has written...customers really get their money's worth!
Dan Mullen taking the Chattanooga men's job is a solid hire.
Amazing to see so many high-profile Gator alums in one video... long history of great talent. Arena looks beautiful also. Those guys are sincere and we'll help in any way they can.