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Thats gotta be one of the greatest feelings in sports
Wouldn't it be ironic that Mullen helps develop the next great Flea-factory QB to sit on the bench with all the other stars.
Breaking news... Mullen has recently been hired as OC of Oconee Academy. From the SEC back to high school, maybe he can learn how to do a post game press conference from the 9th graders on JV.
I don't keep up with them, but has Todd or Mullen been hired by any other team yet?
Neil, I'm not trying to sound cynical, just saying you didn't really go out on a limb with these predictions. There is but one way to go when you are at the bottom. I still enjoy reading all the Gator articles you write.
AFan, i have never heard anyone call him a saint, but you are correct most of us divorced him years ago.
A football player that sues a team for "emotional distress"? Bear Bryant just rolled over in his grave, and may God rest his soul.
All that matters is you get hot at the right time. I doubt anyone picked Miss. St. to win it all last year, except maybe Miss St. fans. They got hot and had a great run thru the WS tourney.
I know the answer to that "Gtr4", we now have over 1000 illegal people entering our southern border every day. Thats going to be sooo great taking care of those folks with all of our taxes. I don't blame them for coming thru the large hole in the wall, i blame the person who stopped building the hole in the wall.
GatorFan, there is no need to justify anything to the "Village Idiot". He has no ambition other than to get under someone's skin. Life really didn't turnout the way you planned way back in high school if all you do is sit in that Extra large lazy boy (built for big boys) with the wornout corduroy cover that smells like Moms marlboro's. All the while munching down Little Debbie snackcakes as fast as Mom will bring down to the way too narrow hallway of the house trailer. "Mom i need some more snackcakes" Not now Meggy, Days of our Lives just started. I'll run down to the Dollar General when Judge Judy is over.
You guys need to lighten up a bit. We are all adults (i think) here. I really don't have a problem with a few players having some fun at another teams expense, and that's what it was, poking some fun. The Gators had chances to win the game and they blew it, the better team found a way to win. If you embrace college sports then embrace it all, in good times and bad. Lets take this stuff with a little less hostility and be thankful we get to watch sports and not have to worry about our homes being blown up by a psycho dictator.
Now just one minute there fella. The Gators are better at chunking mustard bottles at opposing coaches...eh...no wait they are not even better at that. Ok. i'll bet they are better at throwing shoes, yes, we own you all in shoe tossing.
@AFan, I'll take the bait, but you'll be disappointed that i don't relish a college kid (or any kid for that matter) getting into trouble before they start the adult portion of life. Doesn't matter to me what school they attend, i hope he learns from it and becomes better for it.
That statue looks like Green Bay Packer great "Paul Hornung" to me
I remember the preseason polls didn't have the Vols ranked as high as i thought they should be. I'm not sure why because they had a very good season last year and this season speaks for itself. They are looking strong again this year. Hope the Gators can get back to being strong again. This season they are young but have some good freshman arms.
Making a player sit out for the remainder of that series or possession doesn't seem like it would cause too many problems for either team. Usually, the coach doesn't send out a first team D-lineman to take the dive anyway.
I don't keep up with Bama like a fan would, but they always seem to have a "hidden gem" break out of nowhere and become a bigtime talent at WR. I doubt this season will be any different.
A Gator friendly cop would've told him to slow it down and let him be on his way. This cop chose to do his job and i think AR has been well educated on the dangers of going that fast.
Snapshot, I doubt most UT fans would agree with the comment that Kiffen "deserves" to be hit in the head by a golfball.
Nature, are you saying MW didn't develop players, play the best available, and was unwilling to change? That sounds very familiar to this past fall.
I guessing from the post above by "porkkreig" every kid that grows up in the rural is kind, successful and knows how to handle money.
Ah yes Poptiger, the days when cars had real muscle and nobody knew what a keyboard was. Now we have cars driving themselves and a keyboard makes some think they are Charles Atlas.
How ignorant one must be to make remarks about "dildos on shoulder pads" while any Fleabag knows the front row of every home game in Athenia has shoulder pads with dildos sticking out of them (along with ferocious looking doggie face paint).
Coach Napier sure seems like the right guy at the right time for the floundering situation the Gators were in last fall. I don't think any of the other available coaches would've been the exact right fit that Coach Napier is showing to be. And nothing wrong with the others i just think we got the one we needed.
Good advice from Mama. Why won't you heed it and get outside? Do you not have anything better to do?
If the 1's can stay healthy i think we might be better than expected this season
Other than Mullens post game interviews, that was the number one thing that drove me silly. Nightmares of false starts should go away soon enough. At least that's what my therapist is telling me.
Fleabags gloat over a guard that averages less than 2 pts. a game. Meanwhile Gators quietly receive a guard that averages almost 12 pts. Sounds ok with me, gloat on.