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It’s always great to beat FSU!! What an edge of your seat game!
Leghumper, didn’t they play in the same tournament recently?
He was a great offensive coordinator his first time at Florida, and when he left for MSU the offense became a big disappointment that following year (Tebow basically carried the offense in 2009) as well as for most years afterwards till he was hired as head coach in 2018 and significantly revitalized the offense. That, plus the success he had at MSU, gave hope to Gator fans. Unfortunately, Mullen’s recruiting skills, media awkwardness, and lack of CEO skills ended up being a downfall for the team. I think he can be a successful mid-tier coach with less pressure, spotlight, and expectation. I personally appreciate him bringing back an exciting offense his first 3 years and wish him the best of luck in the future.
He’s probably referring to Jawaan Taylor, a 3 star o-line man who was drafted early 2nd round in the 2019 draft. He was predicted to go in the 1st round till rumors of an injury, I believe, which were unfounded.
This kid is excited to come to Florida, he’s going to have good coaches to develop him and I bet he’ll be a hard worker. Welcome to Gator nation young man!
This was my thought, it takes time to develop chemistry and figure out rhythm and timing. If they can get it figured out, the Dolphin offense will be fun to watch with 2 speedy and talented receivers.
I would put the Gators at about 30 at the moment, I don’t think they need the expectations/pressure associated with a top 25, much less top 15 team, until we can see how things are progressing once the season begins.
I’m glad you are sending all these players to UF. :)
I hope he excels there, he’s a great young man.
It’s not a Georgia article, it’s an article about the SEC players chosen in the 1st round of the NFL draft.
Brady, Mahomes, Rogers, Manning, and more have all struggled in games where either the o-line couldn’t protect them, they lost 2 or more of their go to guys, or both. I’m not saying that Young will be as good as them, just making the point that if QBs of that caliber struggle in those situations, it makes sense that Young did as well. By your stipulations, Score Check, then we could say that the Georgia defense was overrated if we just look at the SEC championship game, when in fact they were an impressive defense who had an off game.
Jobe is actually ranked better than Kendrick in the NFL page, I think his getting injured in the SEC championship game pushed him back a bit, otherwise he would have probably been drafted.
It seems to me that Young’s draft journey may be similar DeVonta’s - doubted by some, making believers out of others, and like DeVonta, due to his work ethic, leadership, and drive, I believe he will do well in the NFL. He also seems like a great person in general.
I read the article on Harry Miller, what an impressive young man giving a voice to those struggling with mental health and for coming out of it stronger and doing such great charitable works. I hope he continues to be a positive influence to others.
CBN has hired some good coaches that the upcoming recruits seem to really like, and some, like Colbert and Raymond, have draft results that show they can develop the players well. Also, his position coach, Peterson, was a great player and is an up and coming coach. There’s also the benefit of him still being close to home, so it makes sense that UF is one of his finalists.
Wow Negan, life does not revolve around Georgia. Do you realize how many natties Alabama has won recently and how many #1 recruiting classes they have had with Saban as a coach? It makes sense that they have had a lot of players drafted, just like Georgia this year. Just enjoy your team’s accomplishments and let others enjoy their teams’ accomplishments.
Philly’s got to be happy to have gotten such a steal, plus he can team up again with Davis, should be good to watch.
I’m replying to Imperial. However I do think Elam will have a lot of success in the NFL.
Why do you think this? He has a lot of talent. I always hope all players drafted have success in the next level.
I like that in Jacksonville Walker is closer to home and in Detroit Hutchinson is closer to home. I hope Walker can help make the Jags relevant again.
Not the same thing, Saban was the head coach at those schools, they should be thanking Belichick.