I'm a State fan. A State fan that is frequently upset by the ineptness of MSU's teams.

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At this point, it feels like the Mississippi State squad has given up.
The year after the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl, they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Championship hangovers happen, and hopefully State will be able to improve next year. At least Ole Miss is having a bad year too.
I wonder if it is scientifically impossible for an Alabama fan to not be obnoxious.
Same here. But then again, has watching MSU ever not been emotionally exhausting?
Now let’s make MSU license plates in Alaska! Who’s with me?
Hmm. I didn’t see SDS make this big of a deal when we beat Arkansas.
Ugh, Texas is “back” again. Why am I not surprised?
In other news, scientists say there is an extremely good chance that the sun will rise tomorrow.