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Lol yes we are. Have you looked at the depth chart?
We’re three deep across the entire D Line so I’m not sure where the lack of depth comes from.
Folks need to read the linked ESPN article where McShay gives his reasoning on his very early mock draft. He goes on to give his stats on picks from previous very early mock draft as well.
I’m sure that breaking the sack record would in no way help his team be able to win more games.
His spot has already been filled Jeremiah Wilson. GA’s are a dime a dozen mostly.
I thought it was a pretty entertaining halftime show myself.
He didn’t say anything bad at all about him. He simply said that he was watching the halftime show. I fail to see the garbage.
Phil Marshall just came out and said that Auburn has found no wrong doing to fire Harsin with cause within the lens of his current contract (the addendum to policy for employees does not affect Harsin). It’s either let him coach or pay him 18m to leave and that is not palatable for Gouge. If they do pull the trigger and fire Harsin though there is consensus that they would go after Jeff Grimes.
He’s not getting fired. The media has blown thins thing way out of proportion.
I don’t think he’s as big of a disaster as media outlets would have you believe. There have been MANY players and coaches come out in support of Harsin which you won’t find stories of here. As far as the player exodus, he runs a hard ace program and Gus’s leftovers didn’t like that they were forced to actually work (there were many articles when Gus was fired that one of the reasons was he ran a soft program and allowed players to skip practice/meetings). Losing Mason stinks as the D improved over the year and I think year 2 under Mason could’ve been great. There was obviously some head butting going on there but Mason looks like an ace for telling recruits he’d be there for another year. Harsin did his due diligence on OC hire Davis but Davis must’ve lied through his teeth. Per Greg McElroy, Davis was given an ultimatum to resign or be “relieved of duties” because he was unfit for the job (possible substance misuse issues). Obviously it’s not good optics if you don’t fully understand what’s going on and is FAR from ideal but I believe Harsin can right the ship.
We got Ashford, Jones, and James for Nix. I think that’s an okay trade.
Rumor is he was at Amsterdam cafe spouting out how Harsin was a race ist. He specifically cited Harsin starting Bo over TJ and Shenker over King.
Dentists prophecies coming to fruition?
Our last Ivy League OL transfer worked out so why not.
He was out of eligibility so this isn’t a surprise.
Weird because Greg was on the 2007 Alabama team. Weird how you know more than a QB that was on the team.
He said “meaningless bowl”, which the Birmingham Bowl is. Reading comprehension.
Croton’ finger strikes again.