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Wow! A Tennessee fan talking smack about another team lol
Alabama basketball sucks period! Aubie drilled your team twice! They hadn’t peaked yet unfortunately…….Lmao
Man, with his credentials, he should be able to recruit some talent!!!
That happens when you have an extra small head and 4X ears!!!!!
Wrong! Bill Neville just give the largest donation in Auburn history to the athletic department of 45 million, and his buyout was 18 million
Not according to the Leaders on the football team! It’s the Panzy players that run the team before Harsin got there! Now, they all transferred to UCF lol……That should tell people what’s going on
Nobody wanted to come to Gump town either! Then the money appeared and poof, Saban lives happily ever after! It’s about money! They could raise Knute Rockne with enough money lol
It’s my understand the new promoted DC was calling the defense, which is good :) I think Harsin had already removed some of DM’s responsibilities! A good Head Coach will help a coordinator find another job
Mason isn’t going to Ok St, he waiting on a HC gig! He won’t get there by making a lateral move to a lower tier program!
Bo Nix is very talented! But, his problem he has bad tendency’s that we’re never really fixed. I don’t know if you change these tendency’s he’s been let since Pee Wee ball! JMO
Or, maybe he didn’t want to go to Georgia and that’s why they’re not in the top 8? Lol
It would be easier to list the 4&5 star players that are not transferring lol
The article on Auburn sounds if they’re two player team! That’s the furthest comment from the truth! Auburn has the most depth and best bench in the SEC if not the Country.
Or maybe none of them will make a big impact? Who know, big jump from HS to College
No surprise here! He mad cause they fired his papa lol
It hilarious, the best players according to commenters, are players of the school they pull for lol
I like Alabama but you don’t know which team will show up! The one that beat Georgia or the one that should have lost to Auburn and struggled with LSWho & Arkansas. So I’m going with Georgia! It’s hard to beat the same team twice in one year!
Georgia can’t beat Alabama! They haven’t them since 2007! It’s because Georgia don’t think they can beat them and Alabama rarely loses a game on the big stage fact
He should have beat King Saban this year with half the Boise staff! If Harsin gets the whole Boise staff, he will curb stomp Saban lol
That’s a fact and most are ignorant ike this one lol
Just plain guesses, they miss more than they hit! You can’t judge a teams heart on any particular day!
Congratulations! You get the most stupid comment of the day award!!!!!! Your participation sticker is in the mail!!!!!
Bryan Harsin is still finding his place as a SES HC! It will be upper tier if he can recruit! The guy can Coach, he no nonsense, and the players love him
That was not a bad pass! The Auburn DB set him up to make that throw, he never saw the DB crossing in front of his intended target! It happens, just a great defensive play by the DB
LOL!!!!! That’s a good one! And great sense of humor sir