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I was right there with you until your last comment about the special needs class. I have a special needs grandson and this went to far.
I never cared for Get Smart while he was at Bama and I definitely don’t want him back. You keep him, Georgia.
Get Smart stepped into a loaded situation. Would his first six years been the same if he had taken the South Carolina job? No way. Coach Saban did not have a power team until he went to LSU. What did he do? He won a National championship and left them with a team to win another.
Point taken. My point is that Get Smart did not do one thing to alter the outcome from game one to game two. That was done by major injuries to Bama WRs and your point that the replacements weren’t ready to play.
Get Smart in so full of football knowledge that he figured out how to get Alabama WR1 and WR2 off the field when he realized he could not win with them on the field. He is definitely ready to take Saban’s place. Lol
I hope he leads West Virginia to the Big 12 title(highly doubtful). This makes Get Smart 0/2 when it comes to transfer QBs having success at Georgia.
Quinerly did not has as good a year as 2020. He saw the handwriting on the wall. Can’t wait for the new class to get in town.
Why would Self ever! Consider leaving Kansas unless he was told to do so. Money vs a sure thing. No way money wins out.
You never have had anything to say to me. I really appreciate that you are dropping out of this site. You are going to do that, right?
Grow up. What is done, is done. There is no way either team falls out of the top tier.
He didn’t have any talent on his team due to the Hugh Freeze mess. Try dealing with both of those and see if you are not overwhelmed.
Georgia fans also made excuses in the 2018 NC game and the 2020 loss in Tuscaloosa. Excuse is their last name as in “Georgia Excusers”.
Without the SECCC, your bulldoggies don’t make their first playoff.
That’s what I was thinking. He does not wear arrogance well.
I rarely agree with a Gamecock fan but in this case, I do. Had the playoff era been around for Richt, he would had made three of them, maybe four. This puts him ahead of Get Smart. I never liked him when he was at Alabama and can’t stand him now.
I wish kids were not allowed to commit until their last semester of high school. That would stop a lot of this “ the inmates are running the show “.
Lane needs a talented QB to run his offense. Hopefully, he gets this guy.
If he was recruited as a running back but offered the chance to complete at DB, this is another example of Get Smart’s management ability.
I have never been a Jobe fan and do not think he did anything this year to put himself in day 2.
Yeah. I thought that when he committed to Oregon. Mario is a great recruiter and Oregon wasn’t to far from his home.
I guess he hates Georgia more than he hates Bama. That’s understandable.
There has never been a mistake that Get Smart has not made. Even if he did make a mistake, he would never admit it. He is just a bumming, stumbling, HC when it comes to having to make decisions, especially in high pressure big game situations.
You are forgetting who your HC is. He will make at least one costly stupid decision. He always does in big time games.
Get Smart can recruit with Saban but he can’t coach with Saban. That is why he will not be the next Saban.