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The Tennessee-Alabama has been played more and many of their fans consider it more of a rivalry. That’s one of the reasons I think the pod thing is nonsense. Just move Bama and Auburn to the west and all the traditional rivalries survive and we get some of the old ones back such as Auburn-Tennessee, Auburn-Florida, Alabama-Florida, Alabama-Georgia. Remember those games use to be very big games(Bama’s fight song isn’t talking about Miss state).
What happens if Georgia and Bama are in the east and their only loss is to the other one…then they play another undefeated team from the west in the SEC championship. Let’s say it’s Oklahoma and Texas A&M only lost to them. After the game you would have an undefeated SEC champ and 3 1 loss SEC teams. The chaos that would come from that would be crazy. Now imagine no other undefeated teams that year. Lol
Move Alabama and Auburn over to the east and you don’t have to worry about chopping any traditional rivalries while eliminating the need for annual cross division games.
“The only way that’s happening is if Florida somehow gets past Georgia and earns a trip to Atlanta. If that happens, well, they’ll start working on putting Napier’s statue next to Steve Spurrier.” Seems like the last 3 guys won the east so I doubt they get too high on him after one east division champ. Lol
Bama-Tennessee, Georgia-Auburn are the only games that keep cross division rivalries alive. With those teams in the same division there will be no need. 9 conference game schedule puts teams playing everybody in a 4 year period.
Adding Mizzou is a no good reason expansion. Adding 2 of the premier teams in college football that will bring a lot of money(what keeps this conference so great) is plenty of reason to expand.
…been saying that for 15 years now. Tennessee doesn’t have the recruits available like they used to.
Forget OK state and go after Indiana instead and add Louisville instead of UVA. NC, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana. SEC basketball would be equivalent to SEC football. The country would really hate us dominated both sports but who cares.
Yeah you guys will be playing Bama and Auburn every year instead of A&M and Mizzou. Not a bad trade. No need for cross division rivalries anymore since Auburn-Georgia, Alabama-Tennessee, the only teams that fight to keep them, will be in the same division.
You know Saban went 6-6 his first year right. No reason to doubt any coach after 1 year. He has recruited well and gotten some key transfers.
It makes the most sense. 2 fairly even divisions. The 4 teams that want crossovers in the same division eliminating the need for cross division rivalry games. 9 game schedule puts us playing every other team in a 4 year period. And the SEC likes tradition despite all the new teams. This could also very easily put 2 teams in the playoffs every year as well…Georgia loses close to Bama but beats everyone else in that division(or other way around). Then Conference champ gets in. Who wouldn’t think the loser of Bama/Georgia should be in?
You are an idiot. Losing in the 4th quarter is not a trounce. Especially with Bama’s 2 biggest weapons out of the game.
Because it makes the most sense and keeps the rivalry games the 4 teams don’t want to give up while not holding the other teams to them.
The record is 7-1 Texas. If we are in sale rate divisions this could take 30+ years to change
LynnBobTX if Alabama and Auburn move over that eliminates the need for permanent crossover games as Tennessee-Alabama, Auburn-Georgia are the only teams not willing to give that up. I know you haven’t been around long but that’s the facts. Go to 9 games and everyone plays each other on a 4 year period.
No reason to think it’s much more likely. The SEC typically likes to stick to tradition for things of that nature and Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia and Alabama would never have agreed to expansion if there was any chance of losing those rivalry games. Moving Bama, Auburn, and Mizzou over makes east/west make sense again and actually makes a fairly even divisions in terms of potential and tradition. It would also eliminate the need for crossover as all the teams that are unwilling to give them up are in one division and teams would play everyone in a 4 year period with 9 conference games. Bama, Georgia, Florida - Oklahoma, Texas, LSU; A&M, Arkansas- Tennessee, Auburn; Kentucky, South Carolina - Mizzou, Ole Miss; Vandy - miss st
The new schools are going to want to push them out so they have the best chance to win the conference early. The old schools may end up agreeing with them. No reason to keep them and everybody viewing it as SEC teams dominating your conference(Texas will be much improved).
The new guys at Bama have a chance to jump boutte and we still don’t know where the guy from Pitt will end up.
It matters to him and he is the only one that it really matters to
PTheRicker that would be a reasonable excuse for losing to Bama if not for y’all being down in the 4th quarter with Bama’s best 2 weapons out. Everyone knows Bama was the better team. Even Georgia fans know it whether they admit it or not.
2 of those players from Georgia were super seniors. Without those LSU still holds the record. Considering no team in the past has had any super seniors Georgias record has a big asterisk by it. LSU still holds the record for most drafted without extra eligibility
If Kentucky or Vandy came calling for Kiffin they would win the bidding war as well. Doesn’t take much with the 4 year limit they put on y’all’s schools
Bama is probably the best job in the country. Every coach that comes there has a chance to win it all and every coach has 10 win seasons no matter how bad they are. The name recognition is far greater than Georgia as well. I wouldn’t even put Georgia in the top 10 and maybe not even top 20 with their history.
Yeah that d improved under Pruitt, Bama has multiple championships since he left and he only won 1 on his own and that’s simply because of injuries and Bama still has more points that Georgia after 8 quarters because they were the better team.
Lol…Bama had some of the highest NIL deals last year and considering there are so many millionaire Alabama alum that’s not going to change. It’s the same money that makes Bama one of the highest revenue programs in the country. Notre Dame hasn’t won a title since 1988. Alabama did so in 1992. Michigan has 11 national titles. Alabama had 12 before Saban. Your facts are a bit off so I doubt you really know history but Bama has won a national championship every single decade except the 80’s and 50’s since the 1920’s. Every single coach since Bear bryant(that coached a season) have had at least 1 ten win season. Alabama is a national brand, possibly the largest national following of any team. Alabama is usually 4-6 on blue chip players each year and boarders Florida and Georgia with Louisiana very close and smack dab in the middle of some of the best recruits there is in the southeast US. We also have former Saban assistants galore to choose from plus Dabo. We will be fine. Not as good as Saban but no team has ever been.
Depends. At this point I think he would be a 3rd-4th option after the down year. If he turns things around and shows he can adapt then I agree with you. What makes Saban so great is his ability to adapt. Saban will have a major say in who replaces him and he will be looking for the traits that has gotten him this far plus he will lean toward those he has worked with.
Neal doesn’t either but this is based on the extensive testing they do. Both players showed POTENTIAL issues.