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Before anointing this offense take a look at the OC and his track record. Mediocre at best just saying.
Well Alabama always had the best team money could buy under Bear then and still have retired the trophy under Saban now. Only difference and change is now they can do it inn the sunlight. Have to give them a credit for this well developed tradition. Those trophies do cost you know.
You have to wonder what would happen if he did have NFL talent. You can win a national championship at State in today's world . that was not possible before. Give it some time. Chizik won one at aUBURN RIGHT?
Anybody getting excited over thsi list is in serious need of a life. Auburn has no O line and will be losing eight steak eaters after thsi year so as bad as it will be this year worse is on the near horizon. Their top two QBs were projected third string at their previous schools and deservedly so. The Oregon transfer could not run the scout team there. They have but three d ends on the roster. Put them down for at most five wins this year and that means winning two conference games or beating Penn State. Bet the other way. I have.
Should have left after not being used in the bowl game. He could have played the entire game and not impacted his freshman status. Handwriting on the wall. He does not fit the system or he just does not have the knack or both. Hope he finds a home where he can play.
In golf drive for show and put for dough. Regular season is the drive and the tournament is the put. SEC tremendously overrated and it showed. Auburn has not played well all year on the road. Tennessee and Alabama were journeyman teams and LSU the walking dead. Kentucky choked but in the era of the cheap three it simply means they did not and the other team did.
This team did not belong in the tournament and proved it. End of story.
I do not think the headline is relevant to what he said. Harsin may or may not be answer. He does know X and 0 s. He has struggled mightily with assistants and coordinators and that has impacted recruiting. He also inherited a country club atmosphere and had to apply bleach. He did so and good for him. At this point thanks to all the endless drama that preceded him Auburn is not a coaching destination. Georgia and Alabama plus LSU and Texas A and M confirm that. Pat Dye is in tears.
Joe Biden is now running the Auburn football program.
Harsin knows what to do and how to do it. Is he good enough to get it done? Recruiting was a surprise but one of two top recruiters went home to Clemson. His staff has been a disaster coming n top of Malzahn disasters before him. What coordinator would work at Auburn now? Watch Pearl. He is the wind vane. If he and Harsin get chummy Harsin has a shot. If not pack it in and turn out the lights.
Malzahn family meant country club like Georgia under the previous coach. No longer coddled his guys have left.
More like ten. They are the ninth best team in the west right now if you add Texas and Oklahoma. Well they and Texas would have to play to determine. Texas has an offense. Auburn is offensive. Take Texas and give the points.
No the problem is what coach or coordinator in the country would take the job?
Your right we don't pay our recruits twenty plus million like that school out west next to the state penitentiary does. Lo!!!
Ok let's review. Harsin knew when he took the job what it was like at Auburn. Coaches have a network and the word is out there. Believe it or not short of 0 and 12 at Southern Miss Steele no one wanted the job. I think Bill Clark at UAB would turn it down.As to assistants same principle applies there as well. Auburn has a forty year or so long cycle that occurs and this is the middle of yet another one. Auburn is the place where the inmates always run the asylum until it burns down.
Not that anyone will read this but it is goof therapy for the author. Auburn has long cycles. One of them occurs every 40 - 45 years and hoes back to Heisman leaving town. Another one is happening now. Auburn 1981 verses Auburn year end 2021. Amazing similarities. Georgia a national champion with a probable future Hall of Fame coach. Alabama in the late stages of a dynasty by another Hall of Fame coach. Coach arrives from the Mountain west who was not the pick of the litter. In 1991 Dye and today Harsin. Dye was allowed to clean out the lockerroom then and Harsin has not had that unquestioned authority. Dye had Lowder backing him. Lowder took over the Trustees after teh Barfied debacle. Barfield and the end of Malzahn reign also are somewhat similar.Auburn family then was a country club atmosphere. Just like what Harsin found. For Harsin to survive he needs a Lowder. That is the difference. I saw this reel forty years ago. Bo Jackson bought Dye credibility. Can the current running back do the same for Harsin? Oh and Dye's staff was dull of assistants brought from east Carolina through Wyoming. Just like Harsin with his assistants from Boise. We are seeing the forty year cycle played out in front of our eyes. There is no way Freeze is stupid enough to take this on. He and Malzahn are close. What coach in America would take this job? I mean LSU. AandM , Georgia and Alabama are four pretty good reasons to say no thanks and now we have added Texas and Oklahoma. Regardless the best way to destroy Auburn is grant them success. Works every time.
Harsin is not the dumpster fire. The woke people at Auburn are the problem. He demands urgency accountability and responsibility. Malzahn had a country club. Clean out the locker room and then you can begin to build back. Auburn football is now a disgrace. Harsin is the reason. These winers that have left are coddled children., Good riddance and why were they ever recruited there Malzahn?
Auburn does not have one offensive lineman that could make the two deep at Bam or Georgia. He has had three o line coaches, three o coordinators two head coaches and only this year a QB coach. Gee do you think that might be the real problem"? Oh yes and except for one his WRs were all kids at the start of the season. He has never had even a decent o line to play behind in three years. He is far and away the toughest and best QB in the conference.
I did not know the QB played defense. Defense is the problem. If USC plays as they did against Florida Auburn gas no chance. I am projecting them to the bham bowl game and a 6 and 7 record.
Who would have thought Auburn on November 1 just needs to win out to go to Atlanta. More realistically, they will decide who does not go to Atlanta. Check back in two more years but despite all trepidation this limited team has surpassed any reasonable expectation. I mean you lose six returning linemen to the coaching change and have a eastern Kentucky and a UAB retread in your starting rotation. The O line is the worst in the SEC. The good news is seven of the meat eaters will be gone next year. The bad news is seven new ones next year spells big trouble. So that limits scoreboard improvement for the next two seasons.