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It's incredible how far into their careers these guys will still rely on click baits and shoddy research for views.
It's insane what people will focus on in the offseason isn't it? I thought the coach's post was hilarious, but even more hilarious are all the fans actually taking it seriously.
True, but the actual comment was made by Chip Brown... who's even worse.
?? I never said anything remotely close to that. TAMU has recruited very well and is poised to make a run. The fact remains that you don't get on the hot seat for not winning a Natty after a few good recruiting years, you get it for not showing movement towards that goal. Jimbo is doing that.
You literally used A&M's roster as your argument, then tried to backtrack when you realized the error in your decision after Bama's and UGA's were brought up. But okay...
Good points. I still think Johnson has the edge currently at starting off the season as the more secure option but unless they were able to fix his issues in Spring camp I see either King or Weigman taking the reins early in the season.
Sorry, different gator. You were arguing that A&M's roster based on last 5 years of recruiting should be enough to catch Bama and UGA. When someone pointed out those schools had stronger recruiting over those same years you responded by claiming you never said anything about UGA and Bama's rosters. It's pretty relevant, no matter how you slice it. This year isn't the hotseat year for Fisher. You've been reading too many internet articles by wannabe writers. Nobody in College Station is calling for a playoff run this year, we all know the best shot will come in 2023-2024 depending on attrition and how Fisher handles the portal.
That and the fact Tennessee was established nearly 100 years before Texas. Pretty sure they won't be the one changing anything if anything does get changed.
I'd have to agree. I think Johnson gets the nod going into the season with both other QB's suited up, Haynes being the #2. Weigman will be there up to the point his redshirt is risked just as a safety net in case we have another season start like 2021.
No, your argument was that A&M out-recruited LSU over the last 4 cycles. When we showed you how wrong you were on that point you just disappeared.
Sorry, your comments don't count for much since you bailed on the last article after you realized you were completely wrong about the recruiting cycles. Grown men stick around and own their mistakes, not run and find somewhere else to troll.
While I agree he may not be the #1 WR in year one, comparing him to Demas is pretty ridiculous. Reasons for Demas not being a year 1 starter had nothing to do with his skillset and everything to do with his mindset. Evans is leagues beyond where Demas was at this point in this offense. I expect Evans to see considerably more playing time than Demas, starter or not.
Here, since I know you won't bother breaking it down because you don't really want to know.. this is how those cycles actually played out by year: TAMU 2022 5*/4* 2021 8/19 2020 1/15 2019 2/13 2018 2/13 LSU 2022 5*/4* 2021 1/6 2020 2/16 2019 3/13 2018 3/11 Still don't see it?
You realize 2022 bumped those numbers up big time for A&M right? Signing 8-5 stars and 19-4 stars will do that. Interesting that you don't want to give the numbers year by year. I guess I wouldn't want to argue anymore either if I realized I was wrong.
Have you even bothered to look at the class rankings for the last few years before posting? Might want to do that before calling anyone "Jethro".
You seem very confused about what your argument is. Are you now claiming this wasn't you? "If a roster made up of that kind of recruiting doesn’t have enough talent to catch..."
Maybe you should learn how to read. You specifically stated LSU has not out-recruited A&M over the last 4 cycles which is exactly what I replied to. They absolutely have out-recruited them. What part of that do you think we're not reading correctly?
You might want to read your comment again. This isn't strawman by any means, it directly disputes your claim of why Jimbo would be on the hotseat.
Like I said, boosters are more knowledgeable and intelligent enough to look at more than records when evaluating. Sure the bottom line is always winning, but you guys pretend other championship coaches get to the playoffs every single year. Saban is the one and only coach who has been even remotely close to that level of consistency year in and year out.
Luckily they are more knowledgeable than you and understand he's not underperforming at this point in the game. The next couple of years will make that determination.
I don't see this season being any kind of playoff run season, but I do see it as being a season that will demonstrate if Jimbo is going to be able to navigate this new portal era and maintain a steady move towards that championship level team.
Agreed, first year coaches historically have had some great success with teams playing really hard for them. It really depends on what they are stepping into and how much change is required. It's really around the 3rd year you start to see if a coach is really going to make it or not. Coach O is a great example of this.
Nice catch. Plenty of reasons for A&M not being ranked top 5, unfortunately he didn't really touch on the right ones.
I say Texas without a doubt. I see them popping up on playoff team watches all over the place.. this is a team that just finished with an abysmal season and is rebuilding from nearly the ground up. Seems people are putting way too much stock into a great receiving core and 5 start transfer QB who may not even start. They also seem to be doing the same thing they are with the Aggies and putting way too much stock into freshman recruits making immediate impacts, only with Texas it all along their O-line.
With the exception of 2018 Florida has been a few spots behind, but LSU has absolutely out recruiting A&M over the last few cycles.
GeauxTigers8 just gets upset because his Tigers aren't getting any respect.
Actually you could have said it much better if you wanted to be even remotely accurate. Just sayin'...
Media can do what they want, they can't however put a coach on a hot seat. They can attempt to predict if he is or not, but last time I checked they don't do any hiring or firing.
Exactly. I'm on campus 5-7 days a week and everyone rolls their eyes at these hot sports takes. Optimism is certainly high, but we're looking more towards a strong run in 2023-2024.