Gregg Allman

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Agree Arkansas is a superior team…just need one hot pitcher though in a one game championship. Should be a good game.
It must suck to have peaked in high school. You had a big brother that started and you were average…and now you live in a step-dad’s basement and are just a government statistic. Keep cashing your checks-it’s all you got.
Drink needs another year…two top 20 recruiting classes…one more and he’ll have to perform at a higher level than Odom ever did.
Man you lack creativity. Do you have a job, outside of being a full time toll?
A competitive offense will help keep the defense off the field for longer stretches of the game. Mizzou somehow has perfected the “art” of first down negative yards, so if we can get that under control, maybe the net-net will be better next fall.