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Hope Gabarri Johnson remains committed. Don't think Sam Horn will.
This is just too funny. The old Southwest Conference and the Big 8 competing in the SEC Softball Championship.
Texas' admission to the SEC brings the conference's elite AAU membership to five. That's not a bad thing. Prior to 2012, the SEC only had two AAU members, Florida and Vanderbilt.
How did that Arkansas vs Missouri State game pan out?
Gerry is an Arkansas kid. Maybe he and Drinkwitz will bond.
Would Quin Snyder consider a second opportunity? He was the most successful Missouri coach since Stormin Norman Stewart.
That 'Big Boy School' you referred to (ole Miss) is 1 and 7 against Missouri. Pathetic.
Sam Horn will sign with a MLB team right out of high school. Will not practice/play for Missouri football.
Missouri has trouble keeping their athletes healthy and are prone to injury. Not a good situation for JT Daniels.
Sam Horn will opt for the MLB draft and will not play football for Missouri.
For those old enough to remember, Drew 'The Gator Killer' Lock resembles Roman Gabriel in style of play.
Well, Missouri is an elite AAU institution of higher learning and Kentucky....well, keep the faith.
Thin on talent and unable to remain healthy. Expect 30% to 50% of recruiting classes to decommit and/or hit the transport portal.
It's a little early in the season, you might want to hold that thought.
Hey Joe, who was that team that beat the national champion's Mississippi State 2 out of 3 games last year in Starkvegas on or around May 15, 2021?
Talented players usually selection institutions with skilled coaches that are able to develop, refine, and actually utilize their abilities. Given that, why is Jayden Daniels even considering Missouri? Doesn't make any sense.
It's a bad time to rebrand and open a business.
What scheme did Wilks teach? Lie down and let opponents run the ball down your throat?
This is an encouraging development for Drinkwitz as Wilks' replacement can't do any worse.
Drinkwitz should have been looking for a new defensive coordinator after last year's Central Michigan game. Affirmative action hires are generally counter productive.
Wilks is a great fit for the NY Giants.
Have any of these "deep south" recruits been able to acclimate culturally and weather wise to Columbia, MO?
MIZZOU"S issue isn't the lack of talented players, it's the lack of talented coaches.
Alpharetta, GA to Columbia, MO? It's unlikely the weather and 'culture shock' will agree with him. A great addition to Mizzou's roster if he able to deal with it. Texas players have coped rather well. Hope it works.
Best of luck Mr. Bakare. Hope you find a team with a head coach who can actually coach.