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I was thinking the very same thing last night when the dust was settled for the day and it came down to these two.
So Kirk is an idiot also? Because he pretty much said the same thing that the Missouri guy said. Actually, he said it BEFORE.
The greatest rivalry is no longer being played unfortunately. Missouri vs KANSAS should sit head and shoulders above all. Maybe eventually they’ll start playing again.
If this game were a horse, it would’ve been shot at halftime.
Yes- the D reappeared, but wtf happened to the O, they’ve looked like ass these last few games.
If it’s at Iowa St. that very well could be a loss. They are super capable with the late season junk punch to okie’s season.
I haven’t seen a sore loser Mizzou fan yet today. Not sure what you’re talking about. We Mizzou fans know that our team isn’t great this year, and we knew that this game was a foregone conclusion. I for one am a Georgia fan also. I have been since I watched Herschel Walker bulldoze everybody back in the day. I’d like to see them win the title also. Good luck closing out the season.
Yes, and when driving a stick, well, poop happens.
The biggest question is, who thought it was a good idea to give Eli a platform? He has the personality of a paper plate.
Every man participating in the Applebee’s commercial should immediately have his man card shredded. The person who thought this up, and the one who said let’s run with it, should be executed on sight.
I agree. When it came back it had a whole new feel to it. It was still one of the top shows to watch, but it just wasn’t the same.
As a Tiger fan, I do not like the basketball arena. I would much, much rather watch them play in the old Hearnes center. THAT is a home court adavantage.
F that. We left the big 12 for a reason. All I saw was big 12 right there.
If I remember right, Nebraska isn’t either. But they took them because of history and brand name recognition.
His success would’ve been no more than it is now.
And they f’ed up the SWAC also. Remember the SWAC?
All I read was Missouri has no explosive player. Keke Chism isn’t it, I don’t think. Maybe if he goes all Danario Alexander or Jeremy Maclin next year?
Jumbo coasted off of what Bobby Bowden had built before him. I never thought he was a great coach, or deserved the lofty praise he has always gotten. But, he’s at a good school, that can get great talent. We’ll see what he does there.
Chuck drops the truth bomb. It would be great if more high profile people would do the same.
I wouldn’t care if Gonzaga had to back door their way in. I’ve been around long enough to never, ever underestimate those guys. Also, never quit bashing kansas. They absolutely deserve all the crap they get for that beating they took.
Whatever, we talked about them when we were there too. No live list at all on b11 and texas.