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Nick is going to have his hands full, Humper. At least Todd's arrogance can't do any harm to players while he's behind closed doors crunching numbers all day.
Kirk, those head scratcher games were 100% on Dan Mullin, IMO. When a head coach loses his drive and/or interest, he can't expect to not lose the locker room soon thereafter - that was glaring. Funny that I can't make myself "hate" him too, but he was a Gator legacy when he came on board owing to his OC seasons with Myer in which he showed what he brings to the table....a good man, in other words. Where that went is a mystery, but it left the AD with no choice. Two liabilities that cancelled out those assets however: Stubborn as a mule, and far too loyal to non-performing assistants at the expense of the t-e-a-m. I doubt that any of us saw that coming.
He's just saying he prefers Bourbon, but everybody knows Everclear is the best to mix with. Try it, you'll like it! :) (you may wind up in jail, you may beat your brother-in-law half to death, you may even drag your boat home without the trailer, but by gum you'll like it!)
Not saying you don't make a good point there, Tidefan, but Houston was not always a GOF team. Got no dog in this hunt other than being a Gator who lives in Texas, but personally I'm glad the Big-12 has finally rectified their mistake. Even tho my heart is home in the SEC, with Baylor under Arranda now, Houston with Holgorsen, and BYU + Cincy potentially, I think the Big-12 will be fine without Texas and Oklahoma. UCF? Meh.
Week one and possibly two are the only ones that have any degree of clarity as of today, and even that is not saying much that could possibly be called "clear". Fall camp and the first game for each team will tell us a whole lot more for each team, so the whole thing is pretty ridiculous right now. Particularly in the context of new coaches to the SEC regardless of who they are and/or who they think they are. "Obviously these lines will see plenty of movement between now and kick-off week in a few months".....ya' think? Except for Negan!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Question!!!!!!! Not kidding!!!!!! Why are you always yelling????? Please tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leeland, that's a very coherent hypothesis, and a distinct probability. I'd say at least <.05 or less. Of course, self immolation at the Swamp before a packed stadium would have been quicker and a heck of a lot less painful for the rest of us.
And I ain't did nuthin', Leeland, 'cept imagine to myself that you made you regular trip to Krystal, but were set upon by brigands. "Self", I said to me, "old Leeland done got set upon by somebody and I suspect it was them darned brigands again. Or maybe he tried to swallow two Krystals together at the same time". That's what I said to myself. Glad you were just harvesting future pesto!
I said last year that Tn was for real, do not overlook them. I'm doubling down on that for 2022 and for 2023 believe that will be when both the Vols and the Gators both have it all together. any order you prefer...incredibly competitive, just like it used to be in the SEC East. And just in time, probably, for the stupid pod system to ruin everything! But good anyway to see SCAR possibly back in the mix like it usually was when SOS was there, maybe. Nostalgia, anyone? (one way you can tell you're getting old)
Pop, we don't know either. Lots of "ifs" - if he stays healthy, if he has corrected his early mistakes, if he actually has an SEC worthy OL this year, if a running back like Pierce is in the backfield and actually gets carries. And so on, but I'll say that if the team gels early, this kid has what it takes. He'll show well in 2022 regardless, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the 2023 season is the year. Wish they hadn't tagged him with the Burrows label tho, but I suppose it sells papers somewhere.
Trouble was, Leghumper, it spread to the locker room. Of course it did, how could it not? You don't beat teams you're supposed to beat when that happens, and you're begging to get blown out by actual good teams when you have a chance at least. On paper, anyway. That was the Gators after the Alabama game - no heart, if the coach doesn't care why should we? If he had fired Grantham sooner, if he benched non-performing starters and given a chance for some of those hot-shot stud underclassmen? Well, it's all hindsight now and we're all arm-chair quarterbacks anyway. :)
Nash, which is why our pal Leeland is a state treasure. One might say that his humor 'coruscates'.
Leghumper - Mullen had the skill and savvy to take the Gators all they way.....three flaws did him in, all personality related: Stubborn, Loss of Interest (closely related to Nash's concept of "drift"), and he never acquired the knack of Coruscation, without which a coach cannot expect to win a nattie.
Well thank you, Leeland. And I did it all without coruscating or even moving my fingers, as a matter of fact. Where have you been? In the old days, all I had say was, "Leeland?", and in a minute or two I'd see, "Here I am, Gator-6". :)
Nash, in your 3rd paragraph you just summed up Dan Mullen in a nutshell - regardless of whether or not he is the topic of a current conversation who has not coached at Florida in a decade. The similarity, IMO, is that nobody saw it coming for both - otherwise, they are polar opposites. CDM had integrity - but he sure as rain "drifted". Also too stubborn for his own good, but that's another topic entirely.
Good point, Negan, and from what I can tell so far, Georgia will likely be in the title game for '23 as well. Given your point about "somebody somewhere will be getting the home field advantage anyway" (true) - I have a solution: Why not move the game to Russia, China, or Cuba? OK, rule out Russia at this time, but there's not a college in the nation save for a scant few in the football minor leagues who wouldn't feel comfortable in any of those. Problem solved! :)
I think so too, Savimus - but there are a ton of unknowns going in. CBN pulled together a #16 class for 2022, which is remarkable given the mess/culture he inherited and little time to do it....but we still don't know if any of that translates to knocking off a Top-10 team in the opener. To wit, there were still some troubling residuals from the Mullen era showing up in spring practice. Napier has more to lose than anybody else in this game - it will no doubt be an influential component on some 2023 recruits - but I think even if the Gators drop it, a very competitive, close loss will not be a major setback as long as they go at least 8-4 in the regular season, win a decent bowl, and are Top-20 at the end. Just being honest, sans the Orange & Blue glasses.
If they do crack down, it's going to upset a bunch of SEC schools for sure. Everyone seems to be trying to catch TAMU all of a sudden? So on one hand everyone's doing it so it must be OK? I didn't like the NIL from the beginning, but Florida (for instance) has rapidly built a collective too - yeah, there's a need to increase Gator recruiting after Mullen's paltry efforts, but I've had questions from the get-go about when the other shoe drops anyway. Better to focus on catching up with Alabama and Georgia the old fashioned way instead of 'work arounds' allowed by vague rules.
Gatorfan, it's really simple: The decision is made by the Trier-of-Fact, and no one else. Unfortunately, we've been witnessing a two-tiered justice system for several years, and that does complicate the inherent parsimony of criminal justice.
Negan, that was spot on. All skill and no character is a born loser. Wherever the youngster winds up, it's doubtful that he'll be a prima-donna. Character matters, and after 10 years of selecting medical students for a primary care residency program, I can attest that you're better off selecting the guy with character over a supernova. If he's got both, all the better.
Agree, rxmaster - I don't seriously think Kirby Smart will go anywhere else. You articulated the reasons very well. Beside that, I personally believe that type of decision is a long way off in any event. These are the two best programs in the nation as it is - but I found the hypothetical scenario interesting anyway.
Can't deny that Kirby has an amazing knack for spotting, signing, and developing talent. I recently read an article that sustained that he is the #1 of 4 coaches most likely to follow Saban at Alabama. The other 3 were Kiffin, Cristoble, and believe it or not, Napier. Remains to be seen, obviously......I would opine at the present time that if Bama wants to maintain they would go after Kirby Smart. If so, that would probably take a deal that would make Jimbo's look like chump change. No doubt Kiffin would flame out long before then, and Cristoble/Napier still have to prove they have what it takes in the SEC. All very hypothetical, of course, but an interesting read nonetheless.
I get you - for me, it was an old, since retired, Master Sergeant who brought me back in the Army after my enlisted time many years back, and we were connected at the hip ever since. My wife wasn't around in those days, coming late to the party after Mel and I both retired from the Army, and was appalled at the way we talked to each other at first and the gallows humor involved. Finally, she came to understanding that it's just a guy thing in general and an Army thing more specifically. Saddest day of my life was at his funeral, cried like a pu**y. Usually have to pluck a nose hair to cry, but that day they flowed like a river.
Sorry to hear about your best friend, Leghumper - losing a lifelong friend is heartbreaking for even the toughest or most stoic of us. Been there too, unfortunately. I think what grips you the most is the realization that you'll never be able to pick up the phone again to just shoot the bull or get together again to share confidences. You're probably like me, know lots of people as a buddy, but only a few who are inside the wire so to speak....that's the distinction....someone who knows all the bad shyt about you and vice versa, but you love each other anyway. That's special, the one guy you could even call at 0300 and tell 'em "Look, I'm in a phone booth in Possum Trot, Texas, I'm drunk, I'm naked, and they're about to put the handcuffs on me - bring a dog, a lawn mower, and a toothpick and don't ask any questions but just get here by tonight". And you know they'll be there! God bless.
Leghumper, save for your disdain for anything Florida Gators, I'd say we must have been separated at birth. Serving as a deacon in my church eventually prompted my Pastor to remark, "Neal, I can never tell if you're kidding, being serious, or if it's just your normal sarcasm". To which I of course replied, "Good - my work is done here!". :)
Sarcasm is indeed a spiritual gift......don't show your humanity now, Humpy!
Beat Utah in the first game, by a lot or by a little, and there will be momentum that can't be stopped except for Mullen-style brain cramps. Lose a close game and it may still be possible. I'll go for 8-4 and a bowl win in this first season, as that may produce the type of '23 recruiting we're looking for (I hope).
Negan, that's a popular idiom too in the US Army when talking about risk aversion. I'm as surprised as you to see somebody trademarking it. I first heard it from a brigade commander in the 3rd Infantry Division back in 1982.
And Mac was so thin skinned that he actually got p.o'd about it when the rest of us thought it was funnier than all get out!