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I agree .. Coach h showed some promise with the the Vols last season and has coached in some big genes where billy n has not had that Opportunity yet
So we Count from 2008? So Let’s set the Clock back to 1980 Back door u 2 Nattys and uf 3 So do We just keep setting the bar to the year it benefits each school ? Let’s just look all Time .. Uf 3 titles and back door u 2.. also uf won the sec each year of the natty win .. can back door u say that ?
And yet Florida has more titles than back door u.. any Thing else To day Mrs negan? Also Florida won the natty in 2008 so how did the bama dynasty start that year ?
It’s cute how your man crush tdwow comes in to take up for you negan ! Glad to see a husband stand up for his wife.
You are a guy over 50 Obsessed with where 17 to 18 year old are going to college … you even obese when one of these young men commit to rival school . Your just sad and not much more to say . Well I guess you won’t see another natty as that 41 year plan of Georgia’s would mean you would be in your 90’s when uga wins another one . Enjoy the few months left of uga being the champ ( a fluke title as Georgia was blown out in the sec title game). Oh well I guess 41 years of waiting can make you say beggers can’t be choosers right ?
You are an idiot negan .. no one cares what your opinion is including Georgia fans
No one including Georgia fans care what you think negan
And yet Florida is a top 10 public university and Georgia is not .. if your going to insult at least have some better facts to throw you Jerk
You are one sad and crazy man negan.. uga won one game in the sec last year and you think they can win the sec with mediocre mike at the helm? Sad to see some People can be so delusional.. maybe shoot to double that one win from the sec last year as an obtainable goal?
Well stars are nice coming out of high school but I would wait to see how he performs in college to say how good of a deal the vols got . I know there have been many of those 5 stats to never live up to that hope but will hope that young man headed to Knoxville does well
Or if they Pick another school uga really did not want them anyway according to negan Tigers8!
Negan Is there ever a recruit you don’t think will pick uga? You sure do put a lot of time and thought on where 18 year old males are planing to attend college .
Wow you are such a great guy to change your screen name to the year uf won the natty ! So nice of you ! Well it Has been 14 years since the last natty in football for the gators .. i guess we have 27 More years to go get To that magic number of 41 year better titles right 2008 haha!!
Yes Uf did win the title In 2008.. so cool Of you to change your screen name to remind us all of that :)
Florida’s daddy the past half century ? You really need to look that one up as it’s laughable ! Who has more nattys the over the time period discussed ( last 50 Years ) ? Who has more hiesman winners? Who has more sec titles? Now if you want to say the past 10 years the advantage is deff Georgia . You might want to look up facts before you post there Tdwow.
A 50 year old man worrying about where an 18 year old Will go to school To play football .. Enough said you C H U M P
Come on humper.. 5 to 6 wins? .. as bad a things were last year the team Won 6 games and Easily Could have won 8 ( mizz and Kentucky came down to one play in each game). I think they Can deff go to the 8 win mark but at as I said it could be a 5 win year as this team is such a mystery .
Negan will respond in time . He always does .. The dude lives on Florida post
Could be a 5 to 9 win season .. who knows.. this team is a huge mystery at this point
From All of negan’s knowledge i am shocked he Is not the AD at UGA ( he seems to know what is best for all UGA athletics ). Also on your comment if he has a big set of kahonas or if he is that dumb of not knowing any better.. I think Most would agree he is just that dumb!
A 50 year old man obsessed with 18 to 22 year olds college choices .. enough said you C H U M P
Best of luck to EJ .. sorry it did not work out here at Florida but prayers to you that you kill it at Arizona state ! Gator nation will be pulling for you !!!
Could not agree anymore with you! Dawgs might have found their spurrier in Kirby ! Deff see the similarities between the 2 you pointed out. Thanks for your military service as well! 21 ( almost 22) year Air Force vet myself .
Haha well I would not go that far but could be in the same realm.. i think we can both agree urban will def not be coaching again
Best or luck young man! You will Be missed but prayers for a great year with your new team
Check your facts bud .. he was never fired from Ohio state .. I will agree that maybe he knew he was on thin ice after the last year there with the assistant coach and the charges on him. He def was not fired by ohio state and he also picked his successor in Ryan day
Can’t let can you ? Now you call me negan.. he says nothing meaningful to say as I have shut you down from your lies and character assault on a college athlete . You have been called out by not only myself but others as well .. it ok go back to watching your life story movie LIAR LIAR .. also remember innocent until proven guilty not the other way around as you pushed ! :)