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Nick's conception of parity is a world where only Bama has advantages.
The new staff understands the importance of fundamentals. The scheme doesn't matter if the players don''t tackle and execute their assignments.
I am still convinced Saban brought Grantham in as an anti-analyst. They will always NOT do whatever he recommends, which, of course, will consist of two things: 1) Exotic Blitzes and 2) Don't bother to defend the counter play.
Read the players saying the new coaches made them watch tape of them missing tackles. Then, explained why and the drills they would be doing to correct the problem. This had never been done under the greasy guidance of Todd Exotic.
Looks like he's planning to fail up. Some dummy will probably give him the chance.
Why don’t they just admit the TV folks are pressuring them to ditch the divisions so they can get better ratings?
What impact will bringing in the mentally weak, morbidly obese Muschchump have on the defense? Will his habit of gorging on Little Debbie snack cakes during practice and throwing the wrappers all over the field lead to injuries? And will the players respect someone with chocolate smeared all over his bloated face?
Well, Stanky, since no one takes you seriously, maybe the problem is you.
I guess that spending more time with the wife and kids turned out to be a lot more annoying than he expected!
How many times does Ohio State need to get blown out in the playoffs before people realize they aren’t national title material? They always have some skill players, and they always get their butts kicked at the line of scrimmage.
Atlanta sales pitch: Ifn y’all come here, ya can visit the co-cola museum. It’s pretty darn near the most citing thing this side of a Kenny Rogers Tribute Band. Vegas: Hey, it’s Vegas, baby.
Johnson and the rest of the running backs have to hope the oline finally actually starts to play with some intensity. We’ve been hearing for years how this group of morbidly obese slackers had suddenly decided to actually try. New head coach, new oline coach, hopefully it’s true this time.
I’m in wait and see mode. I have no idea what to expect. We’ve been hearing for years the oline was finally going to be good, but they always seem to play like beer sodden fatties with no pride.
Greg Stanky: I must protect the players from this!
What triggered me was Stanley’s bald faced lie that this was all about protecting the players. It shows he has zero integrity.
Kelly says That’s not good for anybody. Oh, it’s good for the kid making a. million dollars instead of nothing.
Ah, but many states passed their own laws governing nil and some specifically bar any organization from dealing out punishments to the players or schools. It’s really sad these little piglet ADs hate student athletes so much.
This is one of the great ironies of the whole thing to me-- Stanky and his ilk actually want to go back to a system where things were done under the table instead of out in the open. But, my main point is that this is America and players should be free to accept NIL money from anyone they want.
Correct. Let's pass a law saying athletic directors should get paid the same as janitors and see how Stankey reacts to that.
Harsin made some huge errors his first season. I felt bad for him when he "stole" Blobo from South Carolina, thinking he'd pulled off some masterstroke that would lead him to glory. We all know how that turned out, but I am actually thinking he'll do better this year.
Heupel worked miracles in his first year. Truly amazing. A better defense would equal more stops, which means more opportunities for the offense. Will be interesting to watch, for sure.
These obscene toads don't care about players at all. They should at least be honest about it and admit this all about trying to control and use players while stripping them of their consitutional rights. Stankey is a liar and a pile of player-hating garbage.
Best of luck! Give those Carolina schools some hades!
Interesting but it doesn’t seem like it would be worth the effort.