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What the defense has been missing more than anything is a vocal leader in the locker room. One of these guys need to channel their inner Jarrad Davis …because we haven’t had one in a while.
Agree on all points. Including “coruscating”.
A first class student athlete. I hope he tears it up in the PAC.
He wasn’t as good as the current walk-on either.
To be fair, recruits aren’t popping like they have been in recent years at this point. Half the 5-stars last year were off the table by May 1st. I’m sure NIL is the biggest reason behind it. To answer question… I guess you start worrying when the pool starts shrinking. But, from what I’ve seen so far CBN & staff have been incredibly more active on the trail than the previous 2 staffs. So there is reason for optimism. But I will also say that if we don’t have our NIL game together it won’t make much difference. It’s changed everything.
The difference between Jimbo & Kirby vs the others is they have have gotten the commitment of added support & resources from their university. It seems Napier has gotten it as well. The UAA has never come anywhere close to the level of financial commitment they are right now. It may lead to championships or it may not, but it certainly helps level the playing field.
Good call out @PT. Agree, an alpha leader or 2 has to emerge. And we haven’t had one since Jarrad Davis got drafted. This has to happen.
I don’t think we’ve had an Alpha dog in the locker room on his level since the day he left. Nice to see him and Alex partnered up again. Wish them well.
The sport we all grew up with and loved won’t be recognizable in 5 years. Hell, It hardly is now. It’s not CFB anymore. Let’s just rename it the NFLjr B-League.
A shame. And that probably ruined him. Todd created a defensive roster loaded with hybrids & tweeners. There are 30 guys on that side of the ball that are great athletes, but all look the same and built the same that were just told to run around and blow stuff up for 3 years. Now, we have to deconstruct that.
“…Doesn’t bother me at all” …and it probably shouldn’t… right now. Odd & quirkiness are easy to dismiss and overlook when things are going well or when your winning. Most of us really could’ve cared less when Mullen showed up at a post game presser in a Darth Vader costume or put out goofy Tik Tok videos. But I think the fans & decision makers within the university have less patience and the leash is a lot shorter when things are not going so well and the winning stalls.
Of course he’s a pos. That is looking for a attention and you gave it to him.
He has come out and been VERY critical of of Wade. Multiple times. It still doesn’t mean Bruce isn’t a pos as a person or leader.
It really isn’t. There are 5 booger eaters that continually do it. You scan past them and just ignore it. But so many of you take the bait.
3 year starter. Twice All Conference Reranked as a 4* .(.94)by 247 and rated 4th best OG in the nation last year by BGB. A HUGE pick up any way you look at it. Ignore the troll.
Jayzess !!! Always falling for it! Stop FEEDING TROLLS?
God speed Mr Hall. You were given a Ferrari and kept the value in tact. Not an easy thing to do. RIP sir …you did well.
800+ yds, 12 TDs, >5 yd a carry …yeah, we don’t want any of that. SMH.
I don’t think that is what he is saying. He is referring to the 2 of them living and playing so close together now. UF isn’t really much of a distance advantage over Clemson, to NOLA.
Don’t be a turd. That kid played his arse off tonight. Two perfectly thrown dimes that we didn’t see from the Heisman winner.
It certainly helped …but Stetson dropped a few dimes tonight that were phenomenal. Gutsy performance.
Congrats dawgs. Impressive showing from Stetson tonight …and an incredible story for that kid. And Kirby really took a step forward. For a minute it looked like Nick had ‘em right where he wanted him. He didn’t take his foot off the gas this time. Great win.
Agree. He adds a lot of value to SECN commentary. He’ll be missed.
Not true. It is much more a cultural problem than a talent one. It is still a top 10 roster in terms of talent. They need a staff that can line them up correctly and teach basic blocking & tackling.
I think his stock has dropped this last season. The mocks I’ve seen don’t have him 1st round anymore
Simply not true. He would have been on the field a lot.
Had nothing to do with it. A really bright kid with loads of talent that was playing out of position this year in Todd’s wonderful defense. He soured on the last staff and just wanted a new start somewhere else. And I don’t blame him.