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Y’all can have that thing you earned it hope we don’t have to meet up again for a couple of years lmfao
So what about Kirby? When is he going to lose to one of his disciples? The answer? Week 3 2022 Thank you for coming to my Ted talk
This would literally make the east so lopsided it would be stupid. Then all the west has is Texas A&M and LSU because I have refused to give the newbies any clout they stand no chance they have no idea what they’re in for
I mean you’d still have six other games against SEC opponents. As much as y’all don’t want to see it the rest of us want to see Texas A&M versus Oklahoma and Texas
I’m sorry but are you pretending like the nightmare that was Tim Tebow didn’t exist?
Before we got the senseless cross divisional rivalry with Texas A&M we played Arkansas every year. The two schools have a lot of history together. We loved and hated playing one another that simply breeds good football. We also joined the SEC together . And if I remember correctly we both played in the old SoCon together . Either way it’s definitely a game I miss and I’m glad we get to restore it in week two in what I believe will be one of the best conference games of the year
Y’all are going to be terrible next year in comparison to last year lmfao 15draft picks and you think that kind of talent is just to materialize instantly? If we played in week 10 y’all probably win but nope you get us week 3 in Columbia sleep all you want eventually you’ll wake up in your nightmares
Funny you say that considering we’re the only team in the east that hasn’t lost a Vanderbilt since 2008
Wishful thinking from both of you. You’re clearly scared fact that we’re going to be better than both of you this year
Also drew lock isn’t a bust he’s just been stuck on my garbage team
I’m behind you on this the NFL straight is garbage at evaluating talent.
The only reason Connor Shaw didn’t get drafted is because everyone was too hyped up about Johnny football. (Unwarranted) from everything I’ve ever heard the Browns had every intention of drafting so late in the draft not taking up quarterback in the first round Because if we’re looking at statistics first round quarterbacks are typically doomed to fail. It’s a shame Connor Shaw still got to start for the Browns at one point and put up one hell of a performance but unfortunately The NFL is filled with morons who like taking players who are flashy this Typically never works
God I hate talk to text. Lol I’ve got to do a better job checking mistakes before I post them
Yeah I’m gonna have to go out on a limb and say whoever wrote this article doesn’t know a whole lot about our team. The number to why receivers but it’s already locked up and while I believe Xavier legit definitely is in prime to have a break out season Bringing up the legs of brown and Blake without mentioning Wells and Rucker tells me this was another half@ss written article
Put some respect on his name! Really impressed with the progress he made last year
Why on the earth when South Carolina get groomed in when Auburn in Alabama? More likely would be UGA Florida and Tennessee and or Kentucky. One things for sure whoever gets route with Vanderbilt has One hell of an advantage lol
All I know is that when they do get here South Carolina better stop playing Texas A&M every GD year I have no problem with you guys but I don’t wanna play you anymore. Not only have y’all absolutely owned us but our cross divisional rivalry doesn’t make any dang sense and I think Texas A&M fans can agree with That. quite frankly I would love to play Arkansas year in and year out like we used to looking forward to restoring it this year. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk
I’d have to disagree with you here if they ran this like the NFL runs preseason games then most of the starters would probably only be out there for a drive or two this would give an opportunity for younger players and people sitting lower on the depth chart to get some playing time valuable playing time in a real game like environment. It would still be structured in a sense the same way this spring game is but would add a little bit more of A competitive edge and a more game like setting . This would also give us a chance to do away with power five schools playing FCS schools in the regular season which let’s face it nobody wants to watch
They didn’t care when Clemson did it before NIL so I doubt anything will happen with this
It’s not unthinkable but Momentum in confidence can be a double edge sword. I believe we’re a good enough team to win those games but I can’t confidently say I think they were better than those teams. College football is funny and there’s not a lot of room for error The difference in a championship team and a team that falls flat on its face in season can simply be a missed field goal or a bad bounce