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Lord yes. It's the time of year when anything to read (a heteronym, and no its not what some will think). How about a list of what kind of car each HC drives.
I was hoping Auburn would promote him to HC.....
But Jeff Long did a good job at Kansas and.....oh wait.
I see his time at Clemson as the aberration in his work. His best season at SMU was 7-5 against G5 competition. Hired by a interim AD at Arkansas who soon departed, he was nothing short of a disaster with his constant "unacceptable" post game comments. And failing again at Auburn, there just seems like there is no question that he is all talk, no substance. I pity the school that hires him. Losing to North Texas, West Kentucky, Colorado and almost to Portland State bears out his failings. Rich thanks to Arkansas...but a failure.
My son in Arkansas said something about that matchup being good. No sure why but I guess folks in those two states understood it.
No one is seeing LSU as their top rivalry game either. So a snarky comment to put down Arkansas is a waste of time.
Because they haven't played much till the SEC, still seems like the best chance for both in a rivalry game. Gotta give it some time. Arkansas always sees Texas as a rivalry, Texas yes but not as much. I don't think Texas hates Arkansas enough. Watching Missouri comments about Arkansas the past couple years, there is some real hate brewing there. Arkansas' overall athletics is up, Missouri is down and they aren't happy with that at all.
Missouri-Arkansas will become like the Ole Miss-MSU game. You guys need to keep it if you can.
CUSA or MAC would be good for them. Competitive but not the best in the Sun Belt. Drop football and BB moves to the Big East. Of course, Vandy would never volunteer to do this. But it should happen.
That' what non-con games with the Sun Belt is for. Or a sure win call on the weakest in CUSA. You don't need Vandy. No one does.
Arkansa, Ole Miss and Tennessee are in the same boat right now in regards to program strength.
If the divisions are kept in place, moving Alabama and Auburn just makes too much sense. That's why it won't happen.
You'd think everyone would want Vandy as a permanent opponent...but it's just the opposite. You can schedule non-con games with the Sun Belt for that purpose.
Beat you the guy will circle the Arkansas game on his calendar.
I've never heard anyone else claim that Tennessee is despised "by all anyway" but seems like there may be some wish to be so.
Ridiculous. This portal needs some fixing. Proof again these aren't "students" so either fix it or schools become sponsored development league teams.
Yeah, all that success at Arkansas State! What was it last season, 2-10 after years of being a really good G5 program. Butch's fate is being sealed at ASU. They won't put up with it in what could be argued as the best G5 conference. He's already had his rehab time at Bama. He's toast.
If Kiffen can keep Ole Miss relevant in the SEC West, his antics won't be a consideration if they are no worse than they have been the last few years. Ole Miss can't hold him there. He will always get looks from top programs.
Pittman? Do you know how old the guy is? Do you realize that Saban may be the HC for at least another five years or more? Bama is not going to hire a HC in his mid 60's and Pittman is where he calls home. He had bought retirement property in Arky land while he was still at Georgia. He ain't leavin unless they run him off.
As much as everyone likes to guess and throw out names, in most cases a coaching hire is hit or miss. Seriously, NO ONE thought Sam Pittman was a sensible hire. Some even saw it as a sign of Arkansas just accepting their fate in football to concentrate on BB. Even Arky fans were scratching their heads. Flip the coin and look at Texas. So many "sure hit" hires and so many failures. Everyone was praising the Tom Herman hire for sure. In reality, Herman left with a decent winning record but no championships. Who one.
If Napier turns it around at Florida and puts them at the East top every year he most certainly will come to the top of anyone's list that thinks they have a snowball's chance.
We do know that Smart would be a target for the job. But you don't know any more than me if he would take it or even consider it. But it won't stop Bama from contacting him.
Wow, All I read as usual was the first sentence or two and already lost what sliver of interest your comments may have presented.