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Its all about money to these people in charge, eventually it'll all go out the window.
The defense will take a step back from being great but they still have some very dangerous players plus I think the offense will be better so I think there still better than Ohio State. This year the dawgs and tide in the natty for a rematch.
Discipline has been an issue for a few years now, get it together.
How does CJ Stroud have better odds than Bryce Young? Stroud seems soft.
Didn't Tennessee open on Thursday night last year?
Leaving Arkansas out was stupid, I would probably switch them with Auburn honestly. Arkansas schedule is probably why the low ranking but Auburn has a tough schedule also, so....
Tennessee's hopes go up then fall rapidly, lovely. Bag heads do it again hahaha.
UT got screwed period, you can't make that call so late in the game, he was over. Another reason to dig at the SEC. How many games left 6?
I don't know why this is trending but it's disgusting, and they put on TV for everyone to see!
Good win Gamecocks but I don't understand the whole eating Mayonnaise with donuts thing, and they dumped it on Beamer after. Why? Need the Vols to bring it.
Kanell has always hated the SEC. He might have a small point but I'll side against him just because of his history.
True but I thought MSU would be doing better against a team like that.
Mississippi State needs to come back and beat Texas Tech before it's 0-4 in bowls. Not good.
Some of y'all that are pulling for the non SEC teams in the bowl games need to go read what some of these other fan bases think of the SEC, you'll change your mind. I hate UT with a passion but definitely not rooting for the small 10.
After the bowl games and playoff games are played, the SEC will be at the top yet again.
Nakobe Dean is a problem, actually the whole defense is a problem....BIG PROBLEM
Yea they have talent but so does the teams they will play later. I thought Stetson was the right call until he threw that pick, he doesn't have the top end talent I don't think. Saban had Hurts and pulled him for Tua
1.This UGA defense is right there with the 2011 Bama unit and might pass them soon. 2. 2nd half Kirby has to get JT some reps before the playoffs, do you trust Stetson against high level competition? 3. Look out for Vandy grabbing a W against Missouri
I actually think Nakobe Dean is undervalued on this list.. he's a machine.
"Who brings a bottle of mustard" hahaha best thing I heard all year
Joe Milton snuck the bottle of mustard in the stadium, that much I do know.