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Pain. Feels like we've been right there a lot of games, just haven't been able to keep it together in the 9th. Feels like ages ago when we were that team that was always rallying. Think I'll be watching the recordings from last year's CWS for therapy.
Agreed. It may not last long, but it would be neat to have the story lines of all those newer coaches in the same pod for a little while. But all that could change by the time all this plays out
1. You can disagree with people without calling them names, don't know if you knew that or not. In fact, it helps your argument when you have more to stand on than calling me stupid and making things up that I didn't say 2. You probably shouldn't put words in people's mouths, doesn't make you look good 3. If you actually read my comment, you would have seen that I said absolutely nothing about playing games back to back. The NFL doesn't do that, and of course I wouldn't suggest CFB does either. The NFL has a longer season to make up for this. 4. Please just stop trolling MSU articles, it's getting really old.
I think I will enjoy watching us in the fall more now that I read that.
Guys almost every other major sport has a bigger bracket. You guys are just afraid of your teams not making the championship if you lose to some lower seed (like us)
So the NFL, college baseball and MLB playoffs are all horse racing? I'm very confused. What do you Leach haters not get? You guys will say anything to try to make him look stupid.
This is the list I was expecting members the Air Raid offense to dominate. The whole 5 yard pass thing was a little underwhelming compared to what I (and probably other State fans unfamiliar with Leach) was expecting
Fair points, but our last 10 win season was that magical 2014 season that no MSU fan will soon forget. Even though it was almost a decade ago it's fresh enough on most of our minds to think that should be our standard somehow. I agree, let's get to 8-9 wins a season before we worry about a 10 win season.
In all honesty, that's about the right expectation management for a State fan in general lol. It's hard to get disapointed when your expectations are low.
"every season" as if Leach has been here like 5 years...
Also, don't ever pick on a state fan for having poor reading comprehension again. Where did I say the games we lost by a combined total of 8 points weren't losses? Or give any indication that I thought that? Nowhere.
Anybody who actually watched that game knows we didn't lose to Memphis fair and square. Should we have won 56-7? Yes. But did we lose 56-7? (THAT would be a blowout loss.) No. I'll help you out on the math: 8/3 = 2.67, (that's the average for the 3 games we lost that kept us from going 10-2 by the way) Where I'm from we don't call those blowout losses. Based on that being all you could say, you seem to realize you're losing this argument. I never said they weren't losses. You just didn't fact check to see that we were not blown out multiple times as you stated. For future reference, ESPN has great resources for finding scores, yards per game in passing/rushing for college football games. If one was to look at that, they would find that our passing game last year was in fact more "consistent" than in 2020. You're welcome :)
Paul Finebaum, lookout! This guy wants your job. Other than Alabama and Georgia (and OM's unusually good season last year), what mid-teir SEC team doesn't look formidible one week and then lose the next? That's what makes the SEC the SEC. You're good at framing things a certain way. Only thing is, we played 11 games in 2020. 13 in 2021. His win % went from 36% to 54%. There's a big difference between saying that and only "one fewer loss". Also - the only time we got blown out in the regular season last year was when we played bama, thank you very much. We were exactly 8 points away from a 10-2 season, with an arguably tougher schedule than OM, who also got blown out by bama in case you forgot. I always get a kick out of people underestimating us, so keep it coming.
I feel bad for Matt Corral, I have to admit. I guess it wasn't a QB friendly draft, but waiting in the green room that long must've been awful. It'll be fun to watch him play without a OM jersey on anymore.
Valid points, but here's some context: At MSU, Leach is 5-6 against ranked teams. At Ole Miss, Kiffin is 3-6 against ranked teams, if I did my math correct. (including bowl games) Lots of reading between the lines you can do, but here's my takeaways: Leach's record has been tougher than Kiffin's, and Leach has won a lot of important games. Caviot is that he hasn't won the less important games as consistently. That's dissapointing, and we will never be relevant until that's fixed. Improve that and the comparison between us and OM is a lot different. Don't take this to mean I think Leach is a lot better than Kiffin, I just think painting the picture that Leach has been unimpressive at State ignores some important context. Whenever Leach beats a ranked team, everyone's enamored with him. When he loses to Memphis, they start acting like he shouldn't even be a coach. I think their levels of production are closer than most people give Leach credit for.
Glad an OM fan appreciated my joke! Maybe we can be friends until Thanksgiving. You are correct, the most important thing about our season is the egg bowl. Regardless of if losing that mentality could get us to a NY6 bowl, I don't think that will ever change. At this rate, if we focus on winning the egg bowl I don't think we'll need to be worried about if we're on the national scene or not (provided OM keeps up the pace it's been setting the past 2 years.)
Finebaum just likes bashing MSU no matter what. Funny that he mentions Kiffin overshadowing Leach on twitter... like that even matters. We all know OM's twitter accounts rival the Soviet's propaganda campaigns. (please take that as a good natured jab, OM fans... might be hyperbole, but I thought it was a funny comparison.) Either way, I appreciate how our media team waits to do the talking til after the matter. I don't think Finebaum could ever bring himself to compliment MSU to save his career.
Exactly. Can we just win normally? I was sure we were going to get walked off last night.
Hey SDS, we won last night. Where's our article?
and if we had beaten Baylor y'all would've not cared since it's not a SEC defense... I find it peculiar how biased bama fans are to OM. It's baffling. It's almost like y'all take credit for Kiffin's success just because he coached at bama for a few seasons.
Nah. I can definitely see them getting swept by a team that has no business beating them in one game near the end of the season, but it won't matter. And that team won't necessarily make it to Omaha because they swept em. Baseball is too mean of a sport for that not to happen.
Funny how my brain read that as "Would Lane Kiffin really troll with..." at first.