Go Hawgs.

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Neither deserve that consideration since you joined really. Yes you won the East but the west had 3 teams that steamrolled you during those glory years at the beginning.
Thanks Negan. Hope Dawgs and Hawgs meet in the SEC Championship game this year. Good insight on Landers was wondering about his background a little.
Breathe boy I almost passed out trying to reading that thing.
How many hypotheticals and what ifs do you sit around wondering about. The fact is it didn't happen. Not that it wont or couldn't have came to fruition but it simply didn't. Come on Wolfman come up with something new.
Ridiculous take. If athletes are getting paid big money then no free ride for you. Say if you make money like the QB from Alabama or Ohio State you pay your way and that scholarship counts to your 85. When does money become the biggest point of playing for a particular school and not the education? Seriously Herbstreit shounot speak on anything because he's so disconnected from reasonable.
Tony sit down and zip the trap you hypocrite. Remember how you talked to Kevin Bacon. Which was actually a 12 kid you passed away from CANCER.
You should really get to learn the conference if your going to be a part of it. Rivalries matter in the SEC and mean more than everyone getting a shot to play every team every other year. Mizzou fans are pretty sour themselves. Your archaic thinking is why we blew up the BCS.
Yes, the kid who hunts wild hogs with his dogs and just a knife is obviously out of shape lol. Or could it just be asthma?
Yeah I dont know about an AD that wont commit to a conference beacause he doesn't want to be judged like everyone else. Notre Dame knows they would be destroyed if they were a part o the ACC. Nobody is more privileged than those goobs in gold helmets.
What a punk you are. Climb back into the pine trees? You do know Hooker wasn't even a top 3 QB last year right?
Someone gambled on you being a coach at one time so I like those odds lol.
I don't understand how you think he didn't coach those young men. You didn't have success as a coach either; so you never coached your players either? Your bias is hard to understand.
Dewalt you don't know what the heck your talking about. Muss isnt likeable? Did you ever see Nolan as a warm and fuzzy guy? What about the coach from Kansas, Duke, or Kentucky? You cherry pick alot dont you lol.
They wondered why the BCS in football was flawed. Now we need to take a look at the NET in basketball.
I'm just happy he's doing well. A generational talent and decided to stay in Arkansas. We will learn quick if Arkansas can compete with Burks.
UGA FAN, sadly enough the squirrels in my yard are putting up a better fight than your dogs are on the basketball court. All kidding aside fire that coach and hire that guy from Saint Mary's. They really took it Gonzaga last night and runs a good system.
Agree Yankee, this was just a stupid attempt to capitalize on a great win by this hot Arkansas team. Since Im an older man with grankids guess I'm just oldschool.
It's easy to see your just a punk. I highly doubt you run off at the jaw in public to people like on here. You fit the mold of a first class dipsh!t.
JD is the heart. Williams is the soul. Love Williams but he isnt the one that brings us back down bog is second half games.
This isn't Wrestling Booches. You wouldn't know anything about success in this sport.
STFU. We just played a good Alabama at their place. If you cant be a good loser then your just a fairweather fan. What a garbage take.
Science? Athletic Event? It's ok Wolfman just stick to Wrestling lol. You seem to be a fairweather fan on most sports Mizzou.
Your just spinning words now. Do you live for SDS or what. Seems like you need get out more and experience something besides spouting out your garbage takes to strangers on the internet beacause you have nobody to talk to. What do you for a living?
Booches your just a troll. This has nothing to do with ego you sad tigur doofus. Just saying this is motivation since nobody is even giving him odds.