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Not to be disagreeable, but in your example Auburn was one of the annual match ups Tennessee had (along with Bama, Kentucky, and Vandy) prior to divisional separation in 1992. I for one would be okay with reviving this rivalry from yesteryear.
To give an idea of my age Andy Kelly and Carl Pickens were heroes of my childhood.
What is this?? — neo-McCarthyism? God you’re an idiot. Congratulations, South Carolina.
Ahhh, yes. The midwestern football fan popping off. Have fun with the classic midwestern Kentucky/Iowa matchup. 2 midwestern schools going at it, 4 yards and a cloud of dust. 45-42.
Heads up to the fans of the remaining SEC teams yet to play, do what you gotta do to divest yourself, especially your heart, from this game. It can be cruel. Some of y’all are bound to lose, don’t let it nearly kill you. If you figure out a way of doing this, please let me know how. Best of luck to the rest of the SEC, y’all.
Heh heh, we can claim to be anyone we wish to be on the internet now, can’t we? Lol.
If you somehow think Oklahoma is a more livable place than Southern California then you need to travel more. Go see the world, buddy.
Wow, surprising to hear the Constitution means so little to some one.
Yes. This above all else today was the most special. Nothing but the absolute best wishes to those kids.
rgo606, not here as a UT fan claiming dominance over Florida during your 1974 to present range, but apples to oranges much?? For 20 of these years Kentucky and Florida were playing one another annually while Tennessee didn't begin playing Florida every year until divisional play in 1992.
I speak for everyone on this site, no one can make sense of your drivel. Lol.
Lol. A Georgian telling a Californian they have mountains. Classic.
“Awaiting moderation”, I don’t know if you’ll see my response of not.
Violating your freedom of choice?? When and where did this happen to you?
Leghumper, it seems you don’t understand, or refuse to accept, the importance of receiving vaccination prior to mutation(s). A virus is less likely to mutate in a smaller population.
Wadless, it’s not an attack. How would you answer the following question: I ____ mutations often occur during viral replication. A. understand B. don’t understand
I’m curious Wadless, what is your level of education?
Hold on, you’ll “curb stomp” Florida, but “worried” about Kentucky? Something seems out of whack here… Not hating, just trying to follow.
…and the SDS hits just keep coming. “Daniel was hit by Stegeman Coliseum…” Well considering he was hit by a very large building he’s very lucky to escape with only a leg wound.
This website is just the worst. I now only visit to poke fun and laugh at horrendous lack of oversight and proofreading the staff exhibits.
I find it rich that someone (presumably) from the state of Alabama is calling out Tennessee for its lack of in-state talent.
I don’t understand the lack of care which goes into the production and editing of this website’s articles. What’s with the confusing #21/#20 mashup??