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Beamer brought EJ to SC via the portal. Seems Beamer is building his team mainly through the portal.
They weren't that good under Beamer either. Neither Burch or Pickens has developed into an elite player or lived up to their 5 star status. Engbare was better than both of them combined.
I agree with you Negan on your assessment of Muschamp and Kirby...but we don't want those SC players. They never played like 5 stars. Maybe they were never developed or maybe it was attitude, but they aren't that good.
Afan, I respect what you say. You are not a nut case like some here. Kevin Harris was effective under BOBO with that big FB getting him to the next level. If his inujuries were that bad last year, then it was irresponsible of Beamer playing him as much. You don't put a lame horse in a race. Muschamp is a big help in recruitment. His on field job is small and well supervised, I would assume. The defense is not going to drop off due to Muschamp. Lot's of hat from FLA and SC because they were foolish enough to make him a HC, and throw the bank at him. He is now back in his element.
GWHITE: Oh wait, last year you said TN's offense would destroy UGA. When that failed miserably after many excuses it was next team up...same result. Remember what you said about Michigan? I do. You said UGA couldn't stay on the same field with Michigan because Michigan had the best offense in the country. You are so full of it!
AFAN: It's still Kirby's defense, Muschamp only has a small part, and I'm sure he will excell. Remember last year when you said Kevin Harris would be an all SEC RB. I told you he would be at the bottom, and he was. Well you are wrong about Muschamp this time too.
You sound like a broken record GW. Your posts from last year were proven to be ridiculous. We were through with you and your silly team by half time!
Imperialfantasy: You did see the part where Clemson had the No.2 defense in the country...right???? Notre Dame was not at that level.
Heard the same c r a p out of you last year. Playing the fool again this year I see.
Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Bennett connected on plenty of deep money throws. He is a solid QB.
Obviously you don't know what you are talking about. He is probably the fastest WR in college football.
He was about the only player to have a decent game in a blowout. Seriously though, SC's run defense is so bad there really is no need to throw a pass. Those two 5 star SC DL play like high schoolers.
Someones mad that we are National Champs. Go ahead and put your money on FLA. Let me know how that works out.
Not necessarily. How many actually got degrees? Most colleges have education requirements to be a coach, and how many actually went into coaching? Just because you played doesn't make you a coach. if you are good and meet the education requirements, I'm sure someone will hire you. Which school exactly will not hire a coach based on race?
I could do a better job than Ray Tanner! AD's that do not make good coaching hires generally don't stay employed long...unless your name is Ray yeah, you better be hiring based on merit.
Any black coach that can win will get a job...I'm sure of it. What she is doing is called race baiting. Either shut up and coach, or go get a job on The View!
In a perfect world, everything would be based on merit. That knife cuts both ways. I will use the current Supreme Court nominee as an example.
You better do your research. Dawn has been on this soap box for years. She uses her position to push her divisive agenda. THAT IS A FACT.
Hiring should be on merit not skin color Dawn. I want the best candidate for the job, regardless of color. Like you were the best candidate for the job, and received it in the deep south. Times have changed. Yet you make issues where none really exists.
Right. The purple trolls, Kapernicks. and Staleys are all free to leave this country and support the country of their choosing...yet none of them do. They choose to stay here and denigrate our society. Perfection does not exist anywhere, but I will not spit on my country, nor will I support those that do.
Results of divisive politics from a basketball coach, that received more opportunities and salary in this country than possible anywhere else! Ungrateful Dawn pushing her anti-American agenda.
Score tied 7 all, bottom of the 9th. 1 out, man on second, man on third. Every coach in America walks the next batter...except at Carolina!
You are a walking excuse GW. Heard them from you all year.