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Fuzzyvol,I can't agree with you that "Muschamp no longer has coaching ability on the DEFENSIVE side. For all his misses as head coach, I realize that Kirby had Nationally #3 and then nationally #1 recruiting talent from DAY ONE onward. It's extremely wierd that he could never win the BIG one UNTIL he got Muschamp this past year--as the defensive coordinator..... Muschamp did not DIMINISH UGA's defensive prowess. He got them over the hump with a Defensive coaching for the ages. So, whatever you say about his HEAD-coaching ability, UGA was CLEARLY dominant on defense in 2021--and Muschamp simply has to get more credit than those before him.
Yes, I remember when Spurrier was coaching us, displaced due to that bad storm. And the LSU Band taking the time to master our Gamecock anthem produced a couple of heart-warming moments. Thanks for reminding us of that, Vive lay Chukker.
Afan, I am impressed by this enthusiasm someone has for a fan of an opposing team. And as a lifetime 'cock, I find this very classy of you, Afan !
Well, this shows that opposing fans don't have to hate. Very classy , Biggie !
True. I also wonder how with all that Gamecock talent in 2020, we didn't win much. 5-star d-line man. NFL cornerbacks talent. Best SEC regular season running back (Kevin Harris). 4-star receivers (Not just Shi Smith, but Rico Powell and others ) Muschamp OVERachieved in his first two years. Perhaps, he is not good at SUSTAINING/and DEVELOPING the TEAM concept over years .....
@TKF_Fanboy: I actually live in you UGA Athens,Ga. But at a transported Gamecock from Myrtle Beach area, I was AT that Mukuamu performance vs UGA,2019. When I took a pic with him, I (prophetically) told him: "They have got to give you (national)defensive player of the week. He remained modest, and fortunately, I proved right.
Again, I totally agree with BlackandGarnet's assessment. The talent is no hurdle for 2020. Also, I hope that Muschamp's savvy replacement of the strength & conditioning coach reaps more healthy players finally! And while playing Clemson, UGA and AT LSU and AT Florida and Texas A & M is no piece of cake--I am hoping for a surprise season. No one in their right mind would complain about the improvement Muschamp got out of the sorry 3-9 program in the FIRST two years... It's a good time for him to lift the program again.
BlackandGarner,you went: "(Jake Bentley's)got heart ,and there's no quit in him." I have long said that myself-- and I wish Jake all things well in his fresh destination. I'd love him to get the appreciation (and NFL readiness) that Jake Bentley deserves!
That "lazy" comment reporters made about CLOWNEY before his draft was started by some "anonymous" cowardly writer. They CLEARLY want to devalue CLOWNEY's stock so that THEY could get him. Nevertheless, Clowney STILL was drafter NUMBER ONE into the NFL. BTW, after the past two sseasons of PRO BOWL SELECTION , I think Jadaveon CLOWNEY and his newly placed "FRANCHISE TAG" by the Texans turned out pretty good. What about you ???? !!!
Bcreek went:"The defense had issues making a stop; Our running game was one of the SEC worst, we don't run block consistently. We need bigger ,stronger,faster players, THEN ALL THE PRESSURE WON'T BE ON(JAKE BENTLEY) TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE THROW AND PLAY." I agree with you 150 %.
More Carolina fans posting beFORE than after the game ? NOT ACCURATE. I did NOT post before the game, and conversely, I have already posted 3 times AFTER the game. Also, I would not say "I was very confident that We would beat the Bulldogs", I would say I had high hope we would make if a close game--and POSSIBLY win. I knew Georgia was LOADED with talent-- and my high hope didn't materialize for this game. Georgia was simply better prepared--and looked like the better-conditioned HOME team right from the start. We fought back unTIL that shanked punt before halftime (from our ALL-SEC type punter) douched the team morale into a 10-20 score--knowing that the Bulldawgs also get the ball first in the 2nd half. You guys were simply conditioned by Coach Kirby Smart. He said 'We've been talking about the Gamecocks for MONTHS...' And the bulldawgs LOOKED like the calmer, HOME team. Hats off to UGA--because it is due !
DawgyStyle, "Looks the same" could come back to bit you. We Gamecocks have lost ONE game up to this point. Mark Richt lost a game 35-7 once against us Gamecocks--and he proceeded to came back to play for the S E C Championship--JUST SEVEN GAMES LATER. Now, I'm not saying that Carolina plays in the SEC Championship, but like Richt says: ' that was ONE game....' And I find the assessment of "the Gamecocks look the same" to be borderline foolish when you look at their first game vs Coastal. Also, Carolina DID complete and ATTEMPT FAR more passes than last year. No, I disagree we do NOT "look just the same". And I look forward to our conversation later on.
Kirby, I LIVE ONLY SIX BLOCKS FROM SANFORD STADIUM--although I am a diehard Gamecock fan. Now, obviously it was VERY effective that halftime anger/ and the fire you stuck under your offensive line this past week. But what are you going to do if guys grapple at Death Valley LSU on 10/13/18 ? If you struggle a bit against a solid AUBURN team, November 10, 2018 in STANFORD ?
Falconman, you went "Mrs. Dobson you taught (your son) well". Amen !
I disagree that his time is "over" at S.C. I believe Spurrier still has the drive to win; his mind is sharp, and he is resilient enough to amp things back up. If his WORST mistake is having turned around his 2014 program to end on a 4/5 game winning note--and make it to and WIN another bowl game, then it is commonly exaggerated that "Carolina had an 'AWFUL year' in 2014-15. Relative to 11 years back, that ending above to a Gamecock season would have NEVER been "an AWFUL season".
I don't understand why Orth's"6; 1" is so small. Connor Shaw also was about 6:1. The other thing is I see Spurrier as having a certain suprise waiting . I will not say anything else about that. I'm believing Carolina has a better game than the 31- 14 lost that happened to Vanderbilt, Sept. 12, 2015. That is As long as Carolina's "huge offensive lineman" can indeed keep the front 7 of UGA off of the qb in most of the first half.
Stephen, thanks for making Perry Orth feel more real. And Spurrier reportedly said-- Just today : "Nunez threw the ball beautifully today". I hope you're right; I hope that Lorenzo Nunez gets inserted into games. If that does indeed happen for THIS Sat., Sept. 19th, we'll give UGA a totally different element to which to adjust. I.e., the same running threat that You, Stephen Garcia, showed when we took a "more talented" UGA team down to a 41-37 "last second" game. They barely stopped us in the endzone at the tail end. I'd like to give you, Stephen, a years--belated "I appreciated all your efforts in that game". Now, I say: Go Gamecocks ! Let's pull out Orth, Wilds, and others---and Lorenzo Nunez in the 2nd half ! Let's believe, somebody ! Pawleys Island, SC native/now in Athens, Ga--ALWAYS A GAMECOCK FAN ! / CliffordII
But I also think, 15 touches/rushes should come the way of the seemingly versatile Lorenzo--especially in the 2nd half. We'll see how it turns out; I'm already here at Athens !
@BTucker_Dawgs: You're right ! My Gamecocks in 2011 swept the east when a Stephen Garcia-led offense didn't get it done against a down-Auburn. Games later, a very new Conner Shaw was overwhelmed by a boisterous away-crowd at Arkansas. To the point of this year, I don't understand why Carolina's consistency of THREE straight 11-win seasons is consistently overlooked--just because our youth/down year wins us 7 games in 2014-15. For we have a regenerated Coach Spurrier, we have a 2-time best SEC Defensive team coach (Coach Jon Hoke) who has returned to coach w/ Spurrier. AND we have the most incoming JANUARY, 2015 JUCO/transfers in all the S E C. We have been blessed w/ that talent and talent ready to play in all 3 levels of the defense. We are READY. We have some suprises in Spurrier's QB plans for this year. And IF we win over UGA in week #3, Sept. 19, 2015 (I know UGA has a good defensive coach, too, in Jeremy Pruitt and the best RB Nick Chubbs), then I think I would have been truly glad that most of the SEC is now senselessly taking Spurrier and Carolina for granted. If we are SPARED of unforseeable circumstances, I see big success in 2015. Go ' Cocks ! / Isn't that w h y t h e y p l a y t h e g a m e ? ! ! !
@WilliamDuVOL: While on the one hand I'll respect your opinion about "a step backwards for the offense", I ,for one, would not be able to think like that until I see it. FACT: Spurrier has a QB (Connor Mitch) whose high school stats are "off the chart"--and I think that after 2 yrs. of absorbing , he's REALLY ready. (I'm assuming he is the major of our 4 qbs who will start.) Spurrier JUST indicated today August 12, 2015 that he's got a 2-qb mentality. I, myself, am so happy our 3 OL/ good ones are back ! And I know Spurrier is able to confuse defenses; Spurrier now has the run-pass dual threat of hard-working Lorenzo Nun~ez to mix w/ a Pharoh" the man" Cooper (some say the best SEC returning receiving talent ). Spurrier says he will be moving Pharoh all over the Place (Running/Throwing/Catching) . Tyshun "Deebo" Samuel is a red-shirt freshman who's just rearing to go at the other receiver position. Deebo is said to be a receiver who could take a ball in open space for the distance at any time. And Spurrier has grudingly told Gamecock reporters just today "Yes, we'll use two (or more) qbs--but I can't get into more details; I can't give away our plans." I think THE HEAD BALL COACH'S CREATIVE BRAIN HAS SOMETHING GOOD COOKING !! Add to that, most , not all, but most sports writers have a disrespect for our very capable running game. Sept, 2014 , a UGA co-worker of mine said Brandon Wilds (now a senior in 2015) was phenomenal in that Georgia-Carolina Game, 2014. Well, the OTHER running back "David Williams" is--as we speak--daily motivated. And you have a 6-2/210 or 215 back who got faster and BETTER than his already 4-star rating was ! David Williams' 2 years after high school has also strengthened his determination. And I'd say you're talking about a team that appears to me , after this August drilling--should be all around in good shape. And I have not chosen to repeat my comments a little bit above. Oh, we have a grown-up secondary--including S E C "best Freshman defensive player of the year" (Gamecock Al Harris Jr.). Now, he is a rising sophomore. He also has built 10 pounds of muscle through hard spring work to be even better. And so I'll be excited to see if and how he can live up to this recent past accolade. Finale': A wounded lion--who nobody expects to do much-- (i.e. Steve Spurrier and the 'cocks for 2015)-- can be a dangerous one to take for granted. So, even for this here Fall, 2015 season, I will optimistically say to the naked eye, "we'll see" ! Go Gamecocks.
Yep, I believe myself to have been quite respectful to non-Carolina fans w/ my commentary above.
Jon, your title pricked my curiosity. Then, I got suprised by a left hook when I thought you were going in aNOTHER direction overall. (I'm always interested in analyses about the Bulldawgs, as a Carolina fan. And as a Gamecock/Spurrier fan, I believe your article leaves one of Spurrier's SIX SEC championships at Florida. Interesting read otherwise !
Mr. Head Ball Coach. I've been watching Carolina football since 1992, and I'm all excited here at Ga. I'm excited to support you when you get here to Athens for the Sept. 19, 2015 game. I hope our painful,close loses will be meditated on by each player, the week before the Kentucky, the week before the MISSOURI, the week before the TENNEESSEE game. Clifford In Athens/ parental home of Pawleys Island, SC.
No disrespect fellas, but I'd think that "I wonder if USC will improve defensively" would be our least worry--as long as the Gamecocks are spared of the mostly uncontrollable suprises. Did you see the 9 incoming January athletes ? Most of those could help us the Gamecocks Immediately. (Unlike Alabama and LSU, we NEVER had gotten that much incoming talent in January to get off to a racing start to contribute greatly by September. Not in 10 years of the Spurrier era-or 5 years of the Lou Holz era.) (Dexter W., Quadavius L., Dante S., Ulric Jones sounds determined, Shameik Blackshear (5-star before his Sr. year injury--he potentially is CLOWNEY II; the DB/LB Isaiah Johnson that transferred in for his FINAL yr from Kansas (St)--an excellent talent; Bryson Allen-Williams, the best gem from last year who finally gets to play his LB position ! 2 of the best LB in the the Eastern Division (Skai Moore and Jonathon Walton--who we FINALLY figured how to get both on the field at the same time ??) . IS THE DEFENSE LIKELY TO IMPROVE ? ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME ? Also w/ the SEC defensive-winning talents of incoming D Coordinator Jon Hoke, I'd say: If The Creator spares us mostly injury-free and free of the major distractions, I'd be thinking like Incoming DL "Ulric Jones" says: "We could have an Elite defense, 2015-2015".
Carolina has fatal flawS ?--let's see: there's EXACTLY TWO SEC TEAMs that can say that they have the consistency of at least 11 wins from the 2011 to the 2012 to the 2013 seasons. (HINT: Crimson and Cocks). All of a sudden w/ ONE medium 2014 season, those Cocks are shot back to hell ? Well, I'm glad you guys are obviously NOT watching Carolina spring games and the addition of winning coordinators on defense and the talent that came in January,2015 and the freshman talent that is already playing much differently. With this silly writing off of the Gamecocks, I hope Spurrier and those keep their mouths shut/keep working throughout the summer 2015 and suprise all the experts by the end of 2015 !
@CockYMB: The WHOLE team slept the ENTIRE GAME?? What a shameful, disgraceful way to speak of the Pharoh Coopers, The David Williams, the Skai Moores the Williams w/ TWO INTerceptions,etc. We all know there have been some struggles this year, but to pour all this cold water on the sparks of life in the Gamecock football nation tells me you're either no GAMECOCK fan at all--or (I'M SORRY) you are a rocking chair Gamecock who is not worth a pile of salt.